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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Windows Azure Training in Chennai

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Microsoft Azure Online Training causes you learn and have some expertise in the Microsoft Azure, a distributed computing stage and foundation. In this Microsoft Azure Online course, you will figure out how to utilize server outstanding burden on Azure. You will likewise comprehend the engineering, devices and gateways, and considerably more about Microsoft Azure. Our Microsoft Azure Online course is made by the most recent industry norms, to enable a member to be at standard with the information. Toward the finish of the Microsoft Azure Online preparing, you will probably make and keep up the Microsoft Azure stage.

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What is this course about?

Microsoft Windows Azure Training in Chennai offers members a thorough comprehension of Windows Azure, Microsoft’s distributed computing stage and foundation. Through a worldwide system of server farms overseen by Microsoft, Azure can be utilized for structure, conveying, and dealing with a practically boundless number of utilizations and administrations.

It’s very well may be utilized to focus on a gadget, customer, or program, utilizing any programming language. Clients approach more than 600 Azure administrations, including foundation, stage, and programming administrations; information the board, informing, and worldwide substance conveyance; and AI. Purplish blue enables organizations to keep away from framework costs, fabricate and run applications quicker, and modify assets to request with a “pay as you go” model.Join us for Microsoft Azure Classes in Chennai.

Course Syllabus

Introduction to Azure

  • Cloud technology overview
  • Overview of Azure
  • Manage Azure with the Azure portal
  • Handle Azure with Windows PowerShell
  • Managing Azure with Azure CLI
  • Overview of Azure deployment models
  • Managing and monitoring Azure resources

Lab 1:

  • Managing Microsoft Azure
  • Using the Azure portals
  • How to Use the Azure Resource Manager features in the Azure portal
  • About Azure PowerShell
  • Using Azure CLI

Implementing and Managing Azure Networking

  • Overview of Azure networking
  • Implementing and managing virtual networks
  • Configuring an Azure virtual network
  • Configuring virtual network connectivity
  • Overview of Azure classic networking

Lab 1:

  • Using a deployment template and Azure PowerShell to implement Azure virtual networks
  • Create an Azure virtual network by using a deployment template
  • Develop a virtual network by using Azure PowerShell
  • Form a virtual network by using Azure CLI

Lab 2:

  • Configuring VNet peering
  • Using the Azure portal to configure VNet peering
  • Configuring VNet peering–based service chaining
  • Validating virtual network connectivity

Implementing Virtual Machines

  • Overview of Azure VMs
  • Planning deployment of Azure VMs
  • Deploying Azure VMs
  • Overview of classic VMs

Lab 1:

  • Deploying Azure VMs
  • Creating Azure VMs by using the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI
  • Validating Azure VM deployment

Lab 2:

  • Deploy Azure VMs by using Azure Resource Manager templates
  • How to use Visual Studio and an Azure Resource Manager template to deploy Azure VMs
  • Using Azure PowerShell and an Azure Resource Manager template to deploy Azure VMs
  • Using Azure CLI and an Azure Resource Manager template to deploy Azure VMs

Managing Azure VMs

  • Configuring Azure VMs
  • Manage disks of Azure VMs
  • Managing and monitoring Azure VMs
  • Manage classic Azure VMs

Lab 1:

  • Managing Azure VMs
  • Implement Desired State Configuration (DSC)
  • Implement Storage Spaces–based volumes

Implementing Azure App Service

  • Introduction to App Service
  • Planning app deployment in App Service
  • Implementing and maintaining web apps
  • Configuring web apps
  • Monitoring web apps and Web Jobs
  • Implementing mobile apps
  • Implementing Traffic Manager

Lab 1:

  • Implementing web apps
  • Create web apps
  • Deploy web apps
  • Manage web apps
  • Implement Traffic Manager

Plan and implement storage, backup, and recovery services

  • Planning storage
  • Implement and managing Azure Storage
  • Perform Azure CDNs
  • Implementing Azure Backup
  • Planning and implementing Azure Site Recovery

Lab 1:

  • Planning and implementing Azure Storage
  • Creating and configuring Azure Storage
  • Using Azure File storage
  • Protecting data with Azure Backup

Implement containers in Azure

  • Implement Windows and Linux containers in Azure
  • Deploy Azure Container Service

Lab 1:

  • Implementing containers on Azure VMs
  • Implementing Docker hosts on Azure VMs
  • Deploying containers to Azure VMs
  • Deploying multicontainer applications with Docker Compose to Azure VMs
  • Implementing Azure Container Registry

Lab 2:

  • Implementing Azure Container Service
  • Creating an ACS cluster
  • Managing an ASC cluster

Implementing Azure Cloud Services

  • Planning and deploying Azure Cloud Services
  • Managing and maintaining Azure Cloud Services

Lab 1:

  • Implementing Azure Cloud Services
  • Deploying a cloud service
  • Configuring deployment slots and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)
  • Monitoring cloud services

Implementing Azure Active Directory

  • Creating and managing Azure AD tenants
  • Configuring application and resource access with Azure AD
  • Overview of Azure AD Premium

Lab 1:

  • Implementing Azure AD
  • Administering Azure AD
  • Configure SSO
  • Configuring Multi-Factor Authentication
  • Configuring SSO from a Windows 10–based computer

Manage an Active Directory infrastructure in a hybrid environment

  • Extending an on-premises Active Directory domain to Azure IaaS
  • Implementing directory synchronization by using Azure AD Connect
  • Implementing SSO in hybrid scenarios

Lab 1:

  • Implementing and managing Azure AD synchronization
  • Configuring directory synchronization
  • Synchronizing directories

Implement Azure-based management and automation

  • Implement OMS
  • Perform Azure Automation
  • Implement Automation runbooks
  • Implement Azure Automation–based management

Lab 1:

  • Implementing Automation
  • Configuring Automation accounts
  • Creating run books

For what reason would it be advisable for you to go for the Microsoft Azure Training?

We have achieved a time where we utilize the web to store, oversee and process information versus a PC or server. This amazing innovation around the globe must be overseen well. Microsoft Windows Azure Training in Chennai encourages you gain a comprehension of Microsoft Azure to make and arrange virtual machines, to manufacture and run applications quicker. Microsoft Azure enables organizations to oversee foundation costs and change assets according to the interest, with a “pay as you go” model. Consequently, experts with aptitude in Microsoft Azure are in intense interest. The compensation is extremely encouraging as well. This Microsoft Azure Online Course is work/situation arranged internet preparing and we help you clear the Microsoft Azure (70-532) affirmation.

Who should take up this Azure Certification instructional class?

  • Solutions modelers, and Network and Systems administrators
  • DevOps, Virtualization, Network and QA engineers
  • Storage and security administrators.

Next Generation Technology

Microsoft revenue has gone up significantly post deployment of Azure  and this has their annual revenue grown up by another $6.4 billion. Also they see around 1,000 customers sign up newly on a workaday. Join Azure Training center in Chennai for Azure course and get trained by subject matter expert.

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