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Without CSS knowledge no one can able to design professional web layouts. CSS part is going to help the web designer in defining the styles of each HTML Tags. There are many types in CSS.


Types of Style Sheets:
Inline Styles
Embedded Styles
External or Linked Styles

Inheritance and Cascading Order:
Conflicting Styles

Formatting Text and Fonts:
Font Families
Font Size
Kerning, Leading, and Indenting

Formatting Colors and Backgrounds:
The Color Attribute
The Background Attribute
Background Colors and Images

Exploring CSS Class and ID Attributes:
Defining The CSS Class Attribute
Defining The CSS ID Attribute

Create Your Own HTML Tags:
HTML Span and DIV Tags
Creating Block-Level HTML Tags
Creating Inline HTML Tags

Positioning Block-Level Elements:
Relative and Absolute Positioning
Formatting The Block-Level Box Model
Element Visibility Controls

Introducing The Document Object Model (DOM):
Versions Of The Document Object Model
Detecting The DOM Version With Java Script
Java Script and The DOM


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