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Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai

BITA Academy offers Microsoft Windows Azure Training in Chennai that helps you to learn how cloud platform is used across different business apps. Call 9566004616 to book a free demo session for Microsoft Azure Course in Chennai.

Things you should know about Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that provides infrastructure, managed services and anything else you might need for your business apps. It applies for business that want to expand cloud servers at a cheaper cost with high security. You will learn how to manage subscriptions and resources on Microsoft Azure. It has many storage devices which you will learn in our Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai. This Cloud service has the freedom to build, manage and deploy apps on a global network using your favourite tools. Some enterprises use Azure for data backup and business continuity. Azure is one of several major cloud service providers and its important for a cloud computing professional to know about it.

What is Microsoft Azure Training in Chennai all about?

In this Azure Training, you will learn the different types of services that Azure has and its benefits. As a cloud admin, you should know the basic operations of Azure and learn how to set up. Our Trainer is an experienced professional and he will explain these concepts using real time examples. Feel free to contact us if you want to know Microsoft Azure Course Fees in Chennai. Once you complete this course, you will figure out how to use the cloud server in an efficient way. Azure can be used for infrastructure and distributed computing which is a great benefit for enterprises.

Syllabus for Microsoft Azure Course in Chennai

PART 1 : Azure – An Overview

  • Deep Dive on Cloud Skill
  • Overview of Azure
  • How to Manage Azure with the Azure portal?
  • How to Handle Azure with Windows PowerShell?
  • Manage Azure with Azure CLI
  • Overview of Azure deployment models
  • How to Manage and monitor Azure resources?

Lab 1:

  • Manage Microsoft Azure
  • How to Use the Azure portals?
  • How to Use the Azure Resource Manager features in the Azure portal?
  • About Azure PowerShell
  • Use Azure CLI

PART 2: Apply and Manage Azure Networking

  • Overview of Azure networking
  • Apply and manage virtual networks
  • How to Configure an Azure virtual network?
  • Configure virtual network connectivity
  • Overview of Azure classic networking

Lab 1:

  • Use a deployment template and Azure PowerShell to Apply Azure virtual networks
  • Create an Azure virtual network by using a deployment template
  • Develop a virtual network by using Azure PowerShell
  • Form a virtual network by using Azure CLI

Lab 2:

  • Set Up VNet peering
  • Use the Azure portal to configure VNet peering
  • Configure VNet peering–based service chaining
  • How to Validate virtual network connectivity?

PART 3: Apply Virtual Machines

  • Overview of Azure VMs
  • How to Plan deployment of Azure VMs?
  • Deploy Azure VMs
  • Overview of classic VMs

Lab 1:

  • Do you know to Deploy Azure VMs?
  • Create Azure VMs by using the Azure portal, Azure PowerShell, and Azure CLI
  • How to Validate Azure VM deployment?

Lab 2: 

  • How to Deploy Azure VMs by using Azure Resource Manager templates?
  • How to use Visual Studio and an Azure Resource Manager template to deploy Azure VMs?
  • Use Azure PowerShell and an Azure Resource Manager template to deploy Azure VMs
  • Use Azure CLI and an Azure Resource Manager template to deploy Azure VMs

PART 4: Manage Azure VMs

  • Do you know to configure Azure VMs?
  • How to Manage disks of Azure VMs?
  • How to Manage and monitor Azure VMs?
  • Manage classic Azure VMs

Lab 1:

  • Manage Azure VMs
  • Apply Desired State Configuration (DSC)
  • Apply Storage Spaces–based volumes

PART 5: Apply Azure App Service

  • Introduction to App Service
  • How to Plan app deployment in App Service?
  • How to Apply and maintain web apps?
  • Configure web apps
  • How to Monitor web apps and Web Jobs?
  • Apply mobile apps
  • Apply Traffic Manager

Lab 1:

  • Apply web apps
  • Create web apps
  • How to Deploy web apps?
  • Manage web apps
  • Apply Traffic Manager

PART 6: Plan and Apply storage, backup, and recovery services

  • Plan storage
  • Apply and manage Azure Storage
  • Perform Azure CDNs
  • Apply Azure Backup
  • Plan and Apply Azure Site Recovery

Lab 1:

  • Plan and Apply Azure Storage
  • Create and arrange Azure Storage
  • Use Azure File storage
  • How to save data with Azure Backup?

PART 7: Apply containers in Azure

  • Apply Windows and Linux containers in Azure
  • Do you know to Deploy Azure Container Service?

Lab 1:

  • Apply containers on Azure VMs
  • Apply Docker hosts on Azure VMs
  • Deploy containers to Azure VMs
  • Deploy multi container applications with Docker Compose to Azure VMs
  • Apply Azure Container Registry

Lab 2:

  • Apply Azure Container Service
  • Create an ACS cluster
  • Manage an ASC cluster

PART 8: Apply Azure Cloud Services

  • Plan and deploy Azure Cloud Services
  • How to Manage and maintain Azure Cloud Services?

Lab 1:

  • Apply Azure Cloud Services
  • Deploy a cloud service
  • How to set up deployment slots and Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?
  • Monitor cloud services

PART 9: Apply Azure Active Directory

  • Do you know to Create and manage Azure AD tenants?
  • How to set up app and resource access with Azure AD?
  • Overview of Azure AD Premium

Lab 1:

  • Apply Azure AD
  • Manage Azure AD
  • How to Set up SSO?
  • Do you know to set up Multi-Factor Authentication?
  • How to Configure SSO from a Windows 10–based computer?

PART 10: Manage an Active Directory infrastructure in a hybrid environment

  • How to Extend an on-premises Active Directory domain to Azure IaaS?
  • Apply directory sync by using Azure AD Connect
  • Apply SSO in hybrid scenarios

Lab 1:

  • Apply and manage Azure AD sync
  • Configure directory sync
  • How to Sync directories?

PART 11: Apply Azure-based management and automation

  • Apply OMS
  • Do you know to Perform Azure Automation?
  • Apply Automation runbooks
  • Do you know to Apply Azure Automation–based management?

Lab 1:

  • Apply Automation
  • Arrange Automation accounts
  • Create run books

Who should take this Azure Certificate class?

  • Network and Systems admin
  • DevOps, Network and QA engineers
  • Storage and security admin.

Future Skill

Microsoft revenue has gone up post deployment of Azure  and this has their annual revenue grown up by another $6.4 billion. Also they see around 1,000 customers sign up newly on a workaday. Join Azure Training center in Chennai for Azure course and get trained by SME.

IT has a huge demand for this skill. And this is the right time to get in with Azure Courses in Chennai at BITA Academy for a great career.

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