Online Training

Online IT Training

BITA is a leading online IT training provider. Our professional MNC Trainers train you in programming and other concepts through online step by step training. You can be trained in all the technologies from the comforts of your home or anywhere in the world at your convenient time with no traffic and no travelling expenses. Be an expertise with the technology you necessitate at your own swiftness with your time. The live instructors of online training will be more interactive training. The sessions can be group online training or one to one training.

Unique Features of BITA for online IT Training

  • Course contents can be customized by the student’s choice and potential.
  • We are open 7 days a week with flexible weekday and weekend timings.
  • MNC experienced staff members
  • In-depth coverage and Excellent Training material
  • Periodic online training sessions from experts in USA
  • Each student will be given a mini project at the end of the course utilizing the knowledge they have learned throughout the course.
  • In addition to that, opportunities will be given to work on real projects from a company based on their course.
  • The students have a live instructor during their training rather than a recorded video course.
  • Ability to see exactly what you are doing live from another computer
  • Classes will be more interactive and informative and there are no differences between the course syllabus for on-site and online training
  • Quick response for any feedback on any classes


  • The Faculty and the student fix the timing based on the Student’s schedule.
  • Both Faculty and the student log in WebEx via internet.
  • Faculty teaches the concepts with in depth examples.
  • Faculty gives the assignments and exercises at the end of the class
  • Students do exercises and the Faculty reviews their solutions at the beginning of the next class and then they proceed.
  • The same procedure continues until you finish the course and the mini project.
  • Both Faculty and the student share the computer screen, so one-on-one assistance will be given to work through any solution.


  • Laptop or desktop computer with the required hardware necessary for your course
  • Hi-speed internet connection
  • Any web browsers
  • Headset along with microphones
  • We will provide the instruction for the login procedure.

What Differentiates BITA?

  • Proven record that expresses the successful clients
  • Proficient Corporate Solutions
  • Provider for Technical Training across all industry verticals
  • Portfolio of Experts with 15+ Years rich industry experience and diversified skills
  • Possessing the requisite expertise in terms of people, planning, process and tools