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Best AngularJS Training in Chennai


Best AngularJS Training in Chennai

Learn Best AngularJS Training Course in Chennai from BITA Academy, which is the Best AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai. Call 9566004616 if you want to know more about it as we offer the latest Angular 8 Training in Chennai with placement assistance for students and freshers.

Why is AngularJS Training in Chennai best for IT Employees?

AngularJS is an open source framework powered by Google and it is one of the highly used frameworks for the Web Development.  It was introduced in the year 2010 with JavaScript as coding language. Google reframed this framework with TypeScript, which is a superset of JavaScript. You should know that AngularJS was developed without mobile support. Angular 8 Certification Course offers mobile development and you will know more about it if you learn Angular 8 Training Online Course in Chennai. We offer Best Angular Certification Course as our trainers has more than 10 years of experience it IT. You can take online training which is useful for professionals who has interest to take the Angular Training Online.

Angular is a JavaScript framework for building client-side app using HTML, CSS, and a programming language such as JavaScript. It powers up our HTML with features such as if conditions, for loops, and local variables. Angular has powerful data binding. We can easily display fields from our data model, track changes, and process updates from the user. Angular Certification Course in Chennai promotes modularity by design. Our apps become a set of building blocks, making it easier to create and reuse content, and Angular has built-in support for communicating with a back-end service. This makes it easy for our web apps to integrate with a back-end service to get and post data. Many college students shows interest to learn our best AngularJS Training Course in Chennai with certification.

What is the difference between AngularJS and Angular 8?

Angular 8 use TypeScript Programming language whereas AngularJS use hierarchical dependency injection system, a key performance booster for AngularJS Programming. And the latest angular framework has resolved performance issues and the file size of a project is small that makes the deployment process much easier and quicker. Storage space reduction is an important benefit because of the latest angular framework. Best Part of Angular 8 Training Online Course is Command Line Interface (CLI) Support, which makes the development work easy when compared to other frameworks. So you will learn more about the structural design change and scope when you complete our best angular 8 training course in chennai. And the software that is required to run Angular Project is much easier with Command Line Interface and Node Package Manager (NPM).

There are lots of JavaScript frameworks out there. Angular makes our HTML more expressive. No wonder Angular is so popular with millions of web developers. With so many developers already using AngularJS, why did we need a new one?. Angular is built for speed. It has faster initial loads, faster change detection and improved rendering times. Angular is modern. It uses features provided in the latest JavaScript standards and supports both greenfield and legacy browsers. Call us if you want to know more about our Angular Certification Course in Chennai.

Why Students prefers to learn Angular 8 in Chennai than AngularJS Training?

Angular has a simplified API, it has fewer built-in directives to learn, simpler bindings, and a lower overall concept count. And Angular enhances our productivity to improve our day-to-day workflow. You will know more about these productivity improvements as we go through this angular 8 course. Angular has a fully featured forms library and you will know more about it in our Angular Training Online. It is very easy with Angular to write complex data input forms and to handle complex validation and other aspects of forms which is covered in our Angular Certification Course in Chennai. Angular is built on top of the RxJS library. The RxJS library is a very modern library used to handle asynchronous data. 

From a development standpoint, this can ease the amount of work it takes to make asynchronous features work in an application. Angular has a fully featured router. So this concept is explained well in our professional AngularJs Training Course in Chennai. We offer full support for our students if they register for Angular Training Online. You can reach out to trainer any time if you have any queries. We will offer you all the materials that is required for this course.

Angular 8 Course Syllabus and Training Plan

TypeScript Course Syllabus

PART 1: TypeScript Introduction

  • Do you know what is TypeScript?
  • What are the Features of TypeScript?
  • Steps to be followed to compile TypeScript in to JavaScript
  • What is Transpilation?

PART 2: Node Introduction

  • What is Node?
  • How to Set up Node Environment?
  • Deep Dive on Node Concepts
  • What is Node Modules?
  • What are the different types of Node Modules?
  • Do you know about Local Module?
  • What is Global Module?

PART 3: How to Set up Environment for TypeScript?

  • How to Install TypeScript Engine in Node?
  • Real Time Execution of first TypeScript Code
  • Deep Dive on Watcher Concept
  • Introduction of ts-node (Node Package Manager)

PART 4: How to use Variables in Angular TypeScript

  • What is the difference between static and dynamic type checking?
  • Do you know to declare and define Variables in TypeScript?
  • What is the Difference between let and Var?
  • What is Template String?

PART 5: Different Data Types in TypeScript

  • What are the various data types?
  • How to use these data types?

PART 6: Parameters in TypeScript

  • What is the Difference between JavaScript Parameter and TypeScript Parameter?
  • What is Let,Var and Const? ; How it is different from each other?
  • How to Pass Parameters to functions?
  • Deep Dive on default Parameter
  • When and How to use Default Parameter?
  • Overview of Rest Parameter

PART 7: Know More about features in Functions

  • What is Arrow Functions?
  • How to use Arrow Functions?
  • How to Destruct an Array of Objects?

PART 8: Object Oriented Programming in TypeScript

  • What is Class?
  • What is Class Definition?
  • How to Create Objects?
  • Deep Dive on Property, Method and Constructor
  • What is Inheritance?
  • Do you know the Different Types of Inheritance in Angular TypeScript?
  • Deep Dive on Access Modifiers and Read Only
  • What is Static Property and its Methods in TypeScript?
  • Deep Dive on Interface


PART 1: Deep Dive on Angular

  • Introduction
  • What is the difference between framework and library?
  • Brief History of Angular and its versions
  • Do you know what Single Page Application is?
  • What is the Difference between Single Page Application and Traditional Application?
  • What is Model View Controller in Angular?
  • How Model View Controller works in Client and Server Environment?

PART 2: How to set up Environment in Angular 8

  • Deep Dive on Command Line Interface
  • Why is Command Line interface essential?
  • How to install Command Line Interface?
  • How to create a basic application using command line interface?
  • Deep Dive on Structure of Angular Application

PART 3: Building Blocks of Angular

  • Deep Dive on Modules, Components and Templates.
  • What do you know about Metadata, Data Binding and Services?
  • What is Dependency Injection?
  • So What is Module and why do we need to use it?
  • What is the difference between Root Module and Child Module?

PART 4: Components in Angular 8

  • What is Component?
  • How to create a Component using Command Line Interface?
  • What is Component Decorator and Metadata?
  • Overview of Component Structure
  • Deep Dive on Component Lifecycle hooks
  • Deep Dive on Components interactions
  • How to pass Data between Parent and Child Component?

PART 5: Deep Dive on Data Bindings and Event Bindings

  • What is Data Binding?
  • What are the Features of Two way Data Binding?
  • So What is String Interpolation?
  • What’s the Difference between Style Binding and Class Binding?
  • What do you know about Event Binding?
  • So How to use Element reference in Angular?
  • How to filter Events?

PART 6: Learn more about Services

  • So What is Services and why do we need it?
  • How to Create Services?
  • Deep Dive on Singleton Object
  • So What is Providers?
  • What is @Injectable ()?
  • Deep Dive on Hierarchical Dependency Injection

PART 7: Session on Directives and other types

  • What is Directives and its Types?
  • What is the Difference between Structural and Attribute Directives?
  • So What is the difference between nglf and hidden directives?
  • How to create Custom Attribute and Custom Structural Directive?
  • How to Pass and receive Input Property to Custom Directive?


  • So What is Pipes and its Purpose?
  • What is the difference between Pipes and Directives?
  • So What’s the difference between Pure Pipe and Impure Pipe
  • How to Create Custom Pipes?
  • What is Chaining Pipes?
  • What is Parameterized Pipes?

PART 9: More about Components Communications

  • Deep Dive on Angular Components Interaction
  • How to Share data between Components using Service?
  • How to perform component interaction between Parent and Child?
  • Deep Dive on @ViewChild decorator
  • How to interact with Components using Event Emitter?

PART 10: Detailed View on Event Emitter

  • What is Event Emitter and When to use it?
  • Do you know to transfer data with Event Emitter?
  • How to Create Custom Events and Trigger?
  • Deep Dive on View Encapsulation
  • What is ng-content and its purpose?

PART 11: Session on Template Driven Form in Angular

  • What is Template Driven Form and its Purpose?
  • How to set up a Form in Angular?
  • What is form control and how to set it?
  • What is ngForm?
  • How to access form values?
  • How to Validate Forms?
  • What’s the difference between HTML Validation and Angular Form Validation?
  • How to set default values in form fields?

PART 12: Session on Reactive Form in Angular Training Online

  • What is Reactive Form and its Purpose?
  • Do you know the Difference between Template Driven Form and Reactive Form?
  • Do you know to attach Dynamic Validations?

PART 13: Session on Routing

  • What is Routing and why is it important?
  • How to Configure Routing in an Application?
  • How to load Components and create a child route?
  • Do you know to pass Parameter to Routes?
  • Do you know the Difference between Static and Dynamic Route?

PART 14: Session on HTTP

  • How to make an HTTP request to Server Environment?
  • Do you know the Different types of methods available in HTTP?
  • Deep Dive on Observable and Observer features.
  • Deep Dive on Callback methods available in Observable.
  • What is Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)?
  • How to resolve Cross Origin Resource Sharing?

PART 15: Session on File Authorization and File Upload

  • Do you know the Difference between Client Side Authorization and Server Side Authorization?
  • How to create and Set up Guard in Angular?
  • What is HTTP Interceptors?
  • How to use Multer Node Package Management in Node?

PART 16: Best Real Time Projects for Angular 8 Training in Chennai

Top Reasons for BITA Academy rated as the Best AngularJS Training Institute in Chennai

  • BITA Academy offers the best AngularJS Training Online in Chennai and you shall read the google reviews and ratings issued by our students.
  • Our trainers are highly experienced professional and they offer practical oriented best AngularJs training with real time projects.
  • You have lots of job opportunities in AngularJs and we provide AngularJs Interview Questions and answers in our Best AngularJS Course Program.
  • Students who has interest to enroll for AngularJS Training Online shall contact us anytime. We will know your requirement and assign an AngularJS trainer accordingly. So Learn our best AngularJS Course in Chennai and prepare for AngularJS Certification Exams.
  • So You shall attend our best AngularJs Certification Course in chennai either on weekdays or on weekends and we cover latest AngularJs topics and few extra topic requested by students.
  • Anyone who wants to be AngularJS professional shall attend our Best Angular 8 Training Online in Chennai with free placement assistance.
  • We conduct mock interviews and discuss AngularJS interview questions that helps anyone to clear interviews.
  • We offer good discounts for students who register for Angular 8 Training Course in Chennai.

Final Say on AngularJS Training in Chennai

If the present of Angular looks good, the future of it looks even better. We’ll look at several areas of Angular that are likely to see a lot of focus in the coming months and years. In the short- to medium-term future of Angular, we’re probably going to see a lot of very interesting work done. If you have interest in web development work, you have to learn angular.we have trained more than 2000 students and they are working in good IT companies now. You can contact our support team and fix an appointment with our technical staff to know more about the Angular Certification course in Chennai.

If the present of Angular looks good, the future of it looks even better. We’ll look at several areas of Angular that are likely to see a lot of focus in the coming months and years. Finally, Angular is certain to see a continued increase in growth and popularity in the coming years. If you don’t have any coding skill, that’s ok. We are here to help you. It’s easy to learn and you have to spend some quality time. We teach you each concept with real time examples. You can reach us anytime if you have any issues.

So What are you waiting for. Call us and book your slots now.

More About Angular

Angular has many animation features and it is completely based on CSS Classes. It offers animation hooks for common directives and it triggers when any major event occurs during their lifecycle. You will learn more about it in our Angular Certification course and Students who has interest to learn alone shall enroll for Angular Training Online. You should learn the basics of Java Script and HTML 5 which is the core topic to know as a designer. HTML is the basic which is included in our Angular Certification Course in Chennai.

You should have interest if you want to learn any new skill. You might start the course well and if you lose hope that you may not make it well, then you can’t complete it. So Don’t give up. You can make it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will arrange a back up session for you if you miss any one of the classes. But we request you to be regular for the classes as we have limited training sessions for a course.

Yes, you need to have a laptop to attend our classroom training sessions. We will provide you the software details that are required for the course.

Yes. Our tech team will assist you on the software installation process that is required for the course program and we will guide or offer technical support if in case you face any issues during the course period.

Yes. We have a proper process in place to share with you the materials and codes that we will be used in this course program.

Yes, you can walk in walk in any time to our office for practise sessions. Our support team is always available to support you.

You can call us or walk in to our office to provide you more details on it.

Yes. we Provide certificate after completion of the course that will add more value to your profile for anyone who plans to attend job interviews.

Yes. we offer good discounts for professionals or students who join as batches. Please call us for more details on the current offers that is going on.

Yes, we offer corporate training at the best price ensuring that there is no compromise in the quality. Call us for if you need support there.


Jaganraj Devaraj

I have joined for Angular course at BITA. It was wonderful learning experience for me. The instructors were friendly and having more knowledge in their field. Best place to study and learn. I highly recommend my friends and colleagues to join BITA Academy. Thanks to Arun & Masthan

- Jaganraj Devaraj
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