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selenium training in Chennai


Selenium Training in Chennai

Do you want to learn about Automation Testing? BITA Academy provides the best Selenium Training in Chennai, allowing you to gain knowledge of the Selenium testing framework, IDE, Selenium RC Grid, Selenium Webdriver, reporting tools, and more. Our course module includes Selenium as well as core java. Learn how to use Selenium with Java from scratch, implementing strategies trained by professionals in a given study area.

What is Selenium?

Selenium is a lightweight web application testing framework. The tests can be written as HTML tables or coded in various popular programming languages and run in most modern web browsers. Selenium can be used on Windows, Linux, and Macintosh platforms.

Advantages of Selenium

  • The Selenium Automation framework is a simple tool that can run on various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and UNIX.
  • The Selenium Automation test suite is reusable and can be integrated with all management tools such as TestNG, JUnit, and others.
  • Selenium allows developers and testers to make quick changes to the code, making test management more flexible.
  • It also reduces issues and shortens recovery times.
  • Selenium Grid shall execute multiple test cases in parallel to reduce the test execution time. This Selenium feature saves a significant amount of time and effort. With the help of cloud grids, you can even test hundreds of browsers concurrently.
  • Selenium Scripts are simple to understand and write. 
  • In comparison to other testing tools, Selenium requires less hardware. This is one of the primary reasons businesses use the Selenium Testing Automation Tool.

Syllabus of Selenium Training in Chennai

PART 1: Deep Dive on Automation Testing 

  • Why and When Automation?
  • Is automation the final solution?

PART 2: Selenium Course Introduction

  • What is Selenium and Why Selenium?
  • Introduction of Selenium Components
  • Deep dive on Selenium and its Supported Languages – Java, PHP & Python

PART 3: OOPS Concepts and Core JAVA Training for Selenium

  • How to Setup Java environment – Download JDK and Setup eclipse
  • Deep dive on Java programming concepts
  • How to use Class, Object, Variables, Methods and Packages
  • Deep dive on OOPs concepts – Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism & Inheritance
  • How to use Conditions and Loop
  • How to use Access and Non-access modifiers
  • Deep dive on Interfaces, Constructors
  • Deep dive on Types of Collections – Set, List, Array and Array list
  • How to handle Exception?
  • How to Retrieve data from database?

PART 4: Selenium IDE and Selenium RC

  • How to Install Selenium IDE
  • Deep dive on “Selenese” – Selenium Commands in Selenium Training
  • Deep dive on Actions, Asserts, Assessors
  • Develop Test Cases and Test Suites with Selenium IDE
  • Introduction to Selenium RC

PART 5: Selenium Webdriver

  • What is Selenium WebDriver?
  • Difference between WebDriver and RC
  • How to Download and Configure WebDriver with Eclipse?
  • What is Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE, Chrome, Html Unit Driver
  • What is Object locators?
  • How to Handle various Web Element using WebDriver
  • Handle Mouse movements and keyboard Events
  • How to manage pop-ups, windows and Alerts
  • How to Handle Web Tables
  • Do you know to Automate Real time scenarios
  • How to Handle Files – Upload & Download using Auto IT

PART 6: Selenium Testing Framework

  • Introduction of testing framework & Unit Testing
  • Deep dive on Difference between TestNG and JUnit
  • TestNG introduction and Configure eclipse
  • Deep dive on TestNG Annotations and Data Providers
  • How to Create Test Suite with TestNG
  • Deep dive on Parallel Execution in TestNG
  • Deep dive on Tool that helps Object identification
  • Types of Testing Frameworks
  • Deep dive on Keyword driven Framework in Selenium
  • And How to use Data driven framework?
  • Deep dive on Hybrid Framework

PART 7: Develop Hybrid Framework

  • How to Create Hybrid Framework for Web Application using WebDriver /TestNG
  • How to Use external Data for Testing (Excel sheet, xml files, Property file)
  • Do you know to Read and understand reports in Selenium Training?
  • How to take Screenshot of Failed Test case

PART 8: Design Patterns

  • Deep dive on Page Object Model

PART 9: Selenium Grid

  • Introduction to Selenium Grid
  • How to Configure Grid setup?
  • How to Configure Grid for Multi-browsers?
  • What is Remote Web driver?

PART 10: Build Integration in Selenium

  • Deep dive on Integration with Maven

PART 11: Continuous Integration

  • Deep dive on Integration with Hudson or Jenkins

PART 12: Deep Dive on Selenium Reporting Tools

Syllabus of Selenium with Python

Part 1: Introduction to Selenium 

  • Introduction to Automation Testing
  • Why Automation Testing 
  • Introduction to Selenium components 
  • What is Selenium 3.0?
  • Selenium 1 Vs Selenium 2 Vs Selenium 3 
  • What is web driver? 
  • Why Web Driver? 

Part 2: Installation and setting up environment 

  • Installation of Python and PIP 
  • Downloading and setting up Selenium 
  • Installing Python IDE (PyCharm, Eclipse plug-in or PyScripter) 
  • Configuring the environment 

Part 3: Python Basics 

  • Introduction to data types 
  • Control Flows 
  • Functions and Variables 
  • Data Structures Lists and More 

Part 4: Python Basics (OOPS Concept) 

  • Classes Names and Objects 
  • Inheritance 
  • Iterators 
  • Generators 
  • Python Standard Libraries 
  • Errors and Exceptions 
  • Modules Input and Output

Part 5: Selenium IDE 

  • Installing Selenium IDE 
  • Recording Script 
  • Running, Pausing and debugging 
  • Running a script line by line 
  • Inserting commands in between scrip 

Part 5: Verifications and Assertions 

  • Introduction 
  • Verification and Asserts 
  • When to use verify and when to use assertions 
  • Extracting values from a drop-down 
  • Echo, StoreEval, and StoredVars are demystified. 
  • Regular expressions usage 

Part 7: Locators 

  • What are locators? 
  • Types of locators
  • Examples of using Locators 
  • Advantages and disadvantages of using locators 

Part 8: Web Driver Part-I 

  • Introduction of Web Driver 
  • Download and configure Web driver 
  • Architecture of selenium web driver 
  • Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome, and iPhone  , 
  • Android First Selenium Code 
  • Introduction to basic commands like get and navigate 
  • Exception Handling in Selenium 

Part 9: Web Driver Part-II 

  • Working with web page elements and controls  
  • Dropdown  Listbox  
  • Radio buttons  
  • Multi-select box  
  • Date picker  
  • Combobox widget 
  • Introducing wait: implicit and explicit wait
  • Handling different browsers (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer) 
  • Taking screenshots 
  • Handling Java script alerts, confirmations and prompts 

Part 10: Web Driver Part-III 

  • Working with Windows, Tabs and Frames 
  • Working with static and dynamic 

Part 11: Web Driver Part-IV 

  • File Upload and Download 
  • Working with Proxy APIs 

Part 11: PyTest Framework 

  • Introduction to PyTest framework 
  • Installing PyTest PyTest 
  • Fixtures Running multiple tests using PyTest 
  • Generating Test reports

Part 12: PyUnit Framework 

  • Introduction to PyUnit Framework 
  • Installing PyUnit 
  • PyUnit Annotations 
  • Test case creations, running 
  • Assertions and reporting errors 
  • Reports in PyUnit 

Part 13: Data-Driven Testing 

  • Reading and writing data from Excel 
  • Writing automation scripts to use excel data Page 

Part 14: Object Model (POM) 

  • What is Page Object Model (POM)? 
  • Concept of Object Repository 
  • Need for POM 
  • Page Factory 
  • Implementing POM

Selenium Certification Training

Selenium Course Certification is a professional credential that proves a person’s ability to complete testing tasks related to functional and regression testing. Selenium certification is useful for both beginners and software professionals who want to improve their testing skills. It also claims that the candidate is well-versed in Selenium Grid, Selenium IDE, and Selenium WebDriver functions. Possessing a Selenium Course certificate on your curriculum vitae also has a positive impact during the interview and increases your chances of being prioritized. Numerous certification organizations provide selenium certification. As a result, you may come across various training institutes that provide the same service. But don’t be taken in by them. Understand and remember that there are only a few who are widely accepted. Those interested in becoming a Selenium Tester can enrol in BITA Academy’s Selenium Training in Chennai, which will lead to a long and rewarding career.

  • Selenium With Java Certification
  • Selenium With Python Certification
Selenium Course in Chennai

Job Opportunities in Selenium

Selenium is a popular career path in the Web Testing and Automation industry. Surely, Selenium Tester has greater exposure in the industry. The majority of experts highly recommend Selenium as a tool, and this is because it is an open-source framework that is also free. Well, you have to admit that being free is a plus. Users must acknowledge that the digital world is moving away from manual testing. With new technologies on the horizon, automation testing is undoubtedly the only way to enter the digital world. Furthermore, Selenium is a popular automation tool for businesses and young people seeking to advance in their careers. Selenium Automation Testing has become popular among developers as automated testing increasingly replaces manual testing. Selenium Engineers earn an average salary of INR 3-5 LPA in India. On the other hand, senior automation engineers can earn up to INR 7 LPA. Signup for Selenium Training in Chennai

The following are the some of the Job Positions in Selenium

  • Automation Test Engineer
  • Java with selenium expert
  • Automation Tester
  • Selenium Tester
Selenium Skills
Selenium Skills

Why should you select us?

  • Once you complete the Selenium Training in Chennai, you will learn how to do automation testing using Selenium Framework.
  • We offer the best Selenium Course in Chennai for students who want to start their career in Software testing
  • Our trainer’s teaching skill is excellent, and they are very polite when clearing doubts.
  • We conduct mock tests that will be useful for your Selenium Interview Preparation.
  • Even after completing your Selenium Training in Chennai, you will get career support from us.  
  • We know the IT market, and our Selenium course content aligns with the latest trend.
  • We provide classroom training with all essential preventative precautions.
  • We provide Selenium Online training on live meetings with recordings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will arrange a back up session for you if you miss any one of the classes. But we request you to be regular for the classes as we have limited training sessions for a course.

Yes, you need to have a laptop to attend our classroom training sessions. We will provide you the software details that are required for the course.

Yes. Our tech team will assist you on the software installation process that is required for the course program and we will guide or offer technical support if in case you face any issues during the course period.

Yes. We have a proper process in place to share with you the materials and codes that we will be used in this course program.

Yes, you can walk in walk in any time to our office for practise sessions. Our support team is always available to support you.

You can call us or walk in to our office to provide you more details on it.

Yes. we Provide certificate after completion of the course that will add more value to your profile for anyone who plans to attend job interviews.

Yes. we offer good discounts for professionals or students who join as batches. Please call us for more details on the current offers that is going on.

Yes, we offer corporate training at the best price ensuring that there is no compromise in the quality. Call us for if you need support there.

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Deepika K

I really appreciate the BITA IT Academy centre by conducting selenium training in a corporate way. The class was very good and entire training is in live example and it's very useful. After course time also trainers are ready to clear our doubts over watsapp and emails.i would recommend BITA IT Academy for selenium training.

- Deepika K

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