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Selenium Training in Chennai

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Why choose BITA for Selenium Training in Chennai?

If you look out for a place to learn Selenium Training in Chennai,then BITA is the place that you have to visit.Our high potential trainers will be there to assist you in this course and  get rid of all huddles that you have to qualify as an high rated selenium tester that IT companies look out for.

  • Industrial experts as trainers.
  • 18*7 whatsapp support.
  • Flexible Timings
  • Story Line Teaching.
  • Real Time Examples.
  • Online training offered.

Rated as Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai

So why do you need to learn Selenium Testing?

First of all, it is the best automation tool in the market today. So make your choice to learn it and that would be the apt thing to do to meet the industry demands.

We have the best team in town to train you in a more effective way.

And you have many  institutes who provide Selenium Training in Chennai  and BITA is the top among them.

About the Selenium Course

Our trainer has huge working experience  and has good knowledge in Selenium. Training is their passion and you will feel the real value of it when you attend their first class.

And moreover We have designed this course in such a way that it is simple and easy to learn. This course will make you strong in fundamental concepts and help you align in line with market need.

Join the class today from Best Selenium Training Institute in Chennai.


Selenium Training Course Syllabus

Automation Testing:

  • What is Automation Testing?
  • So why do we need it;  when is that required?
  • What makes it so remarkable?; Is that a final solution?
  • Various Automation Tools available in market.


  • Advantages of Selenium
  • Difference between Selenium and QTP
  • Facts about Components in Selenium
  • Supported Languages : Java, PHP and Python

Basics of Java:

  • Set up Java environment; Download JDK and Set up eclipse
  • Packages
  • Java Virtual Machine ,JRE and JDK.
  • Data Types
  • Variables
  • More about Java concepts

Object Oriented Programming Concepts:

  • Class, Object, Variables, Methods and Packages
  • OOPs concepts : Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism and Inheritance
  • Conditions and Loops
  • Access and Non access
  • Interfaces
  • Constructors
  • Collections : Set, List, Array and Array list
  • Exception Handling
  • Data extraction from database

Selenium IDE and RC:

  • Install Selenium IDE
  • “Selenese” : Selenium
  • Commands
  • Actions, Asserts and Assessors
  • And Develop test cases and Test Suites with Selenium IDE
  • what are RC and its functions?

Selenium Web Driver:

  • Selenium Architecture
  • Architecture difference between Web Driver and RC
  • Learn to Download and Configure with Eclipse
  • Cross Browser Testing : Firefox, IE, Chrome and Html Unit Driver
  • Object locators and Identification
  • various Web Element by using Web Driver
  • Mouse movements and keyboard Events
  • Manage pop ups, windows and Alerts
  • Web Tables
  • Automate Real time scenarios
  • Handle Files : Upload and Download by using Auto IT


  • What is it about?.
  • Types of Frameworks
  • Linear framework
  • Modular framework
  • Data driven framework
  • What is keyword driven framework
  • What is hybrid framework
  • POM Design Pattern
  • Advantages of POM
  • Put in Place Project using POM Framework
  • Use of framework
  • How to develop a framework
  • Integration of the framework
  • How to execute scripts from framework

TestNG Framework:

  • Overview of TestNG framework and Unit Testing
  • Difference between TestNG and JUnit
  • Configure with Eclipse
  • Annotations and Data Providers
  • Create Test Suite with TestNG
  • Parallel Execution in TestNG
  • Tools that helps Object identification
  • Finally, Testing Framework and its types : Keyboard Driven, Data Driven and Hybrid

Develop Hybrid Framework:

  • Brief History
  • Create it for Web Application by using Web Driver and TestNG
  • And Use external Data for Testing (Excel sheet, xml files and Property file)
  • Read and understand reports
  • Screenshot of Failed test cases


  • Cucumber Introduction
  • Why Cucumber?
  • BDD and its application
  • Gherkin
  • Components of Gherkin
  • Step Definition
  • Set up a Cucumber Project

Design Patterns:

  • Page Object Model and its concepts

Selenium Grid

  • What is it about and how do we set up?
  • Configure Grid for Multi browsers
  • what is Remote Web driver?

Build Integration:

  • Integrate with Maven

Continuous Integration:

  • Merge with Hudson or Jenkins

Reporting Tools

And Real Time Projects

So you can reach out to us  at 95600-4616 for registration or submit an Enquiry form for us to reach you.

You will also gain knowledge on how to write test cases, how to use selenium GRID and get well versed in following concepts like Selenium RC,IDE etc. Above all you can put in place various frameworks after you take this course and you will learn selenium step by step.

So What is Selenium Testing ?

It is a portable software testing framework for web applications and Web Driver is an advanced tool that allows you to test your scripts against many different browsers.

Furthermore it is the best tool in market for web application testing and besides to that it is an open source. Above all we can write it in many languages like C++, java, Python, PHP etc.

 What are the projects included in this course?

Our trainer will provide an in-depth knowledge of a Selenium Web Driver project which focuses on all the critical components of Selenium. As a result you can increase your visibility and improve your efficiency and draw real connections between different components of Selenium. Above all, you will receive the complete automation notes from us that has details of the project that we cover during the course.

Importance of Java in Selenium

So It has more concepts and you don’t have to learn all which is not required for selenium testing and you need to learn only a small part of it. But it is always good to learn java so that you will build a strong foundation.

Also, we have seen many testing professionals who has that fear in mind to write codes show little interest in moving over to automation testing. So Basic knowledge of Java is enough to create simple scripts.

Thus Huge demand in market for selenium tester and the entry level pay for them is in the range from Rs.20,000/- to 25,000/-

So who can take this Selenium Course?

Selenium professionals earn very high salaries when compared with other technologies. As such, there are no prerequisites for learning Selenium. The following job roles will get benefited from this course

  • Beginners or intermediate testers
  • So leads who need to develop or improve automation techniques.

 Above all you can learn other technologies from us and it includes Java,Python,IoT,Data Science,AWS.

Selenium Training in Chennai Reviews

“Focus on our Customers”

Selenium Certification Training

“This is not a paid review and definitely my trainer didn’t ask me to review the academy. My experience with previous IT training academies were quite a disaster. When I was desperately searching for an academy, (thank god !)google showed me the address. Opted for Selenium course. Fee is little high I thought, but the environment and the friendly trainers made me feel like it’s worth it. So They provide you laptop for training purpose, teaches each and every line, give you homework (ya! Homework!! ). End of the day, I have this satisfaction that I learnt selenium. Thank you Bita! Wonderful experience .”

Best Selenium Training in Chennai

 “The best institute for getting your career started with automation testing- Selenium. So The trainers are well trained and having a lot of experience.It’s worth for the paid fee. If anyone wants learn selenium recommend to blindly choose BITA with full hope. So They give more detail information in understandable way. Great and Awesome experience with BITA Academy”.

Selenium Course in Chennai

“This is a review from a person who doesn’t have any IT background at past. This literally happened as a coincidence. My best friend suggested me to study this course when my career switching was in a question mark! Then my training was started. It was an online session. So My trainer did her duty beyond the line. I never felt unsatisfactory from my first session until last. Coz, they taught me to inch by inch from basic to advanced level. Also, they gave me lots of practical tasks “Home works” in other words :P. BITA people were very serene. Really make you feel solid at the end and worth for your every penny. Thank you BITA for helping me to build a huge step in my career!”

What's more attractive in BITA?

  • Our Instructors are full time employees working as Architects, Technical Leads or Managers for Fortune 500 companies
  • Our Trainers are passionate to teach and conduct these sessions for BITA.
  • So Their experience and knowledge helps them bring real world projects and scenarios
  • As a result, Instructors ensure that online classes are lively and interactive that makes learning a pleasure
  • Conduct Mock interviews / group discussions / interview related questions.
  • Also we discuss about the real time project domains with BITA for Selenium Training in Chennai.
  • So the teaching methods / tools / topics we chosen are based on the current competitive job market.


Had recently completed selenium with Java testing course. Had good practical knowledge on Selenium. The way of teaching was awesome.
Name: Sindhu Ashok Technology : Java with Selenium

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