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Web Designing

Web Design Course in Chennai

Web Design Course in Chennai – Many of them who would like to start their career in IT has dreams to create a website on their own .Your dreams will come true if you enrolled for the best web design training in chennai. How do you design and maintain a website is the key element that you got to learn in web designing. And most importantly the performance of your website which is loading speed should be effective and quick enough for both desktop and mobile users. Learn Web Design and you can be an expert in 30-45 days if you take web designing course online. You will get the advantage to develop a website on your own during this web design training period. So Join BITA Academy for the Web Design and Development Course. Contact us if you want to know about Web Designing Course fees.

Web Design Training in Chennai

Want to know which course is best for web development? We are here to help you for moving over to UX Design which is a hot cake in IT market now. UX designers are in huge demand now and they are highly paid now. As per Statistics, there will be more than 3lakhs of job created for UX designers as this is one key role in IT who has to think from the client perspective. And they have to collect the feedback from users post deployment and look for improvement opportunities. So choose the right web designing course in Chennai and ensure that you get a job with good package after completing the web development course.

How can I learn Web Designing Training Online?

We have part time and full time web designing course in Chennai that you can make use of it to learn quickly. So You have to think as a user when developing a website, do many brain storming sessions and also work on information architecture as a web designer. You can opt for Web Designing Training Online if you want to learn web design from home over online.

Creativity is the key and not everyone can fit this role if you do not take the perfect web designing training in Chennai.Web Designer is highly dependent on the customers and their requirements. And generally they have to do analysis and research for users to give better customer experience. 

Web Designing Course Syllabus

PART 1: Basics of HTML

  • Overview of HTML
  • How to Create HTML document
  • How do I make a paragraph format in HTML?
  • More about character formatting in HTML
  • How to compare procedural and descriptive format?
  • create a Local and Remote Link?
  • How to add Internal Links with Named Anchor Tag

PART 2: Graphics,List and Tables in HTML

  • How to link and embed Graphics
  • What is Lists in HTML?
  • What is Nested List in HTML?
  • How to Create and modify Tables
  • How to Create advanced table elements?

 PART 3: HTML Guidelines

  • How to set body and background colors?
  • Understand Web page design guidelines
  • How to add links to other Internet Services

Join Best Web Designing Training Institute in Chennai and get benefitted.


CSS Training Syllabus

  • Introduction to CSS
  • Types of Style Sheets
  • Inheritance and cascading order
  • How to format Text and Fonts
  • How to format Colors and Backgrounds?
  • Exploring CSS class and ID attributes
  • How to Position Block Level elements?
  • HTML Tags
  • Basics of Document Object Model(DOM)


JavaScript Course Syllabus

PART 1: An Overview of JavaScript and Ajax

PART 2: Guidelines of a Developer

  • Development workflow
  • Select the right tools for the job
  • Understand Objects, Variables and events
  • Start writing your first Script
  • Understand Internal Vs External Scripts
  • How to use comments in Scripts

 PART 3: How to Interact with Users

  • Create Alert Dialogs
  • Understand Conditional Statements
  • Create Prompts for users
  • More about functions
  • Make Links Smarter
  • How to use switch/case statements?
  • Multiple ways to handle errors

PART 4: JavaScript Language Essentials

  • Create Loops
  • Pass Values to functions
  • Detect Objects
  • Read and write Arrays
  • Return Values from Functions
  • More about While and do loops
  • Importance of Roll Overs
  • Build Smarter Forms
  • How to handle Events
  • What is Cookies and ways to use it?
  • DOM, Nodes and Objects
  • Dates and Times
  • Real World Applications of JavaScript

So Web design should be achieved from the best web design institute in Chennai.

Jquery Course Syllabus

PART 1: History of JQuery

  • Mobile Space Today
  • Advantages and Challenges
  • What is JQuery Mobile (JQM) and why do we need to use it?
  • JQM Features and compatibility


  • Overview of HTML5
  • Events
  • Edge
  • HTML5 Components
  • Bootstrap
  • Animation using HTML5

PART 3: The Framework

  • Architecture
  • Self hosted vs. CDNs
  • Main template
  • CDNs available
  • Main template
  • Support on IDEs
  • Roles
  • Theming

 PART 4: The page

  • Headers and footers basics
  • Mandatory items in a page
  • Working with HTML in the content
  • Internal page navigation
  • External page navigation
  • Understanding AJAX on mobile browsers
  • Absolute external links
  • Mobile Special links
  • Transitions
  • Dialogs
  • Prefetching
  • Integration with the Phone

PART 5: UI Components

  • Customizing toolbars
  • Positioning toolbars
  • Navigation Bars
  • Persistent footers and navigation
  • Collapsible content
  • Accordions
  • Working with columns
  • Creating buttons
  • Types of Buttons

PART 6: Lists

  • Creating lists
  • Visual separators
  • Nested lists
  • Interactive rows
  • Split button rows
  • Row icons
  • Thumbnails
  • Count bubbles
  • Aside content
  • Title and Description
  • Filtering data

PART 7: Forms

  • AJAX VS Non AJAX forms
  • Automatic form behavior
  • Labeling
  • Field containers
  • Text fields
  • Slider
  • Select menus and UI Select menus
  • Radio Buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • File Upload
  • Validation using HTML5

PART 9: The framework and JavaScript

  • Using jQuery inside jQuery Mobile
  • Event Types
  • Configuring defaults
  • Managing navigation through JavaScript

PART 10: Dynamic data with jQuery Mobile

  • HTML5 vs AJAX
  • How to pass the data from JSON to jQuery Mobile
  • Update form controls and lists
  • Implement Infinite list pattern

Web Design PART 11: Extend the framework

  • How to Use  and create our own plugins
  • The top 5 plugins for jQuery Mobile
  • Plugin architecture
  • Overview of CSS architecture
  • Define our own CSS patch
  • Changing CSS behavior

PART 12: Manage data with HTML5

  • Using Web Storage and WebSQL
  • How to use geolocation

PART 13: Packaging for installation and stores

  • What is hybrid?
  • Packaging a sample application

Web Designing Training

  • Get Trained from our industry experts.
  • We discuss about the real time project domains.
  • You can take the Web Designing Training online if you are not comfortable with classroom teaching.
  • Our 24/7 technical support team will clarify your doubts and support for any technical difficulties.
  • Placement assistance will be provided by BITA Academy.
  • At the end of web design and development course, you will start developing your own Web Pages with Responsive screens.

So Learn Web Designing from the best web designing training centers in Chennai.Enroll for best web design classes in Chennai now.

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