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JavaScript Training in Chennai


JavaScript Training in Chennai

Would you like to learn more about JavaScript from a qualified instructor? BITA Academy offers Best JavaScript Training in Chennai, a client-side language that is easy to learn. We’ll go over the fundamental ideas behind JavaScript and show you how to use these concepts to build your code. You will discover how to make appealing desktop applications for Windows and Mac. And JavaScript can be used to write server code. You will learn how to work with multiple javascript files in a single HTML document. You ought to be familiar with variables and the different variables used in JavaScript. Additionally, you will learn about the Ternary Operator in this course as it is essential to JavaScript.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a text-based programming language used on both the client and server sides to create interactive web pages. Programmers worldwide use Javascript to make dynamic and interactive web applications and browsers. JavaScript adds interactive elements to web pages that keep users interested, whereas HTML and CSS are languages that give web pages structure and style.

Roles and Responsibility of JavaScript Developer

  • obtaining project specifications through communication with clients and critical stakeholders.
  • Examining requirements and creating features and solutions that are appropriate.
  • Writing, modifying, and testing programming code using hardware and software on a computer.
  • Checking for bugs in the code, then putting the fixes in place.
  • Creating procedures for testing and validation.
  • Code deployment in a live environment.

Syllabus of JavaScript Training in Chennai

PART 1: JavaScript Basics

  • Deep Dive on The HTML DOM
  • What do you know about JavaScript Syntax?
  • Literals, identifiers and reserved words
  • Basic Rules
  • Deep Dive on Dot Notation
  • Square Bracket Notation
  • Expressions and expression evaluation
  • JavaScript Objects, Methods and Properties
  • Statements

PART 2: JavaScript Core

  • Objects and Arrays
  • JSON
  • Functions
  • Scope
  • Closure

PART 3: Variables,Arrays and Operators

  • JavaScript Variables
  • How to Work with Numbers and Strings?
  • A Loosely-typed Language
  • How to store User-Entered Data?
  • Arrays
  • Associative Arrays
  • Array Properties and Methods
  • JavaScript Operators

PART 4: JavaScript Function

  • Built-in Functions
  • User-defined Functions
  • Function Syntax
  • How to Pass Values to Functions?
  • How to return Values from Functions?
  • Built-In JavaScript Objects

Type of Operator

PART 5: Conditionals and Loops

  • if – else if – else Conditions
  • Switch / Case
  • while Loop Syntax
  • Do – while Loop Syntax
  • for Loop Syntax
  • For – .in Loop Syntax

PART 6: JavaScript and Browser

  • The Implicit window Object
  • The getElementById() Method
  • The getElementsByTagName() Method
  • The getElementsByClassname() method
  • The querySelector() and querySelectorAll() methods
  • Event Handlers
  • How to Create, Insert and Delete Nodes?
  • Deep Dive Element Position Manipulation
  • What is Scrolling?
  • How to manipulate CSS?
  • How to script Inline Styles?
  • Do you know how to Script CSS Classes?
  • How to script Style Sheets?
  • How to work with cookies?

PART 7: JavaScript Form Validation

  • How to access Form Data?
  • Basics of Form Validation
  • The this Object
  • How to validate Radio Buttons?
  • Do you know how to validate checkboxes?
  • How to validate Menus?
  • Focus, Blur, and Change Events
  • Focus and Blur
  • How to validate Text areas?


  • AJAX Basics
  • An Overview of Xhr
  • How to parse XML?
  • How to parse JSON?
  • Deep Dive on XhrCallbacks

PART 9: Error Handling

  • How to catch and throw errors?
  • Do you know how to use Assertions?

PART 10: Navigator, History and Location Object

  • Deep Dive on the navigator Object
  • A Brief View on Feature Detection
  • What do you know about history Object and location Object?

PART 11: How to Debug JavaScript?

  • An Overview of Chrome Developer Tools
  • How to use the console API?
  • How to use the JavaScript debuggers?
  • Do you know how to use Firebug and IE Developer tools?

PART 12: An Overview of RIA Architecture

  • Difference between traditional web app and RIA architectures
  • Role of JavaScript & related frameworks

PART 13: Expressive JavaScript

  • What do you know about the Flexibility of JavaScript?
  • Why is JavaScript termed as a Loosely Typed Language?
  • Functions as First-Class Objects
  • Deep Dive on Object Mutability

PART 14: Function In JavaScript

  • What do you know about Function Objects?
  • What do you know about Function Literal?
  • Deep Dive on Function Invocation Patterns
  • How to augment Types?
  • Deep Dive on Recursion
  • Closures
  • Functions as Callbacks?
  • What do you know about Memorization

PART 15: Closures In Depth

  • How to bind Function Contexts?
  • How to override function behavior?

PART 16: Object Orientation With Prototypes

  • Deep Dive on Object Instantiation
  • What are Constructors?
  • Deep Dive on Inheritance and Prototype Chain
  • How to Extend Object?
  • How to Extend Numbers?
  • Deep Dive on Instantiation Issues
  • How to Write class-like code?

PART 17: JavaScript Gotchas

  • A Brief View on Global Variables
  • Scope
  • How to insert semicolons?
  • Deep Dive on Type Coercion

JavaScript Certification Training

A JavaScript Certification program developed by JavaScript Expert is available from BITA. It will assist you in thoroughly understanding JavaScript technology and enable you to evaluate and validate your programming skills. The JavaScript Developer Certificate is for candidates interested in becoming certified in their JS skills. The certificate evaluates and validates a candidate’s ability to manipulate the HTML DOM and their knowledge of JavaScript.However, as many people will attest, obtaining a top certification makes you stand out from your peers, which leads to better employment opportunities, higher pay, and greater self-assurance in one’s skill set. 

  • JavaScript Programmer Certification
  • JavaScript Developer Certification

Job Opportunities in JavaScript 

JavaScript is one of the most widely used programming languages in web development and is used to add and manage dynamic content to websites. Additionally, this is a very flexible language used in Front-end, BackEnd, Desktop, Android/iOS, and Hybrid applications. One of the leading causes for why most businesses favor individuals with JavaScript skill sets is this. Even if JavaScript is your only programming language, many jobs are available to you. Although front-end developers are the most prevalent, working as full-stack or back-end developers is becoming more common. The average annual salary for a Javascript Developer in India is 5.0 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 2.0 Lakhs to 16.2 Lakhs. Signup for JavaScript Training in Chennai.

The following are some of the job positions in JavaScript

  • JavaScript Developer
  • JavaScript Programmer
  • Front End Developer
  • Front End Engineer
  • Full Stack Developer 

Why should you select us?

  • Once you complete the JavaScript Training in Chennai, you will learn the JavaScript framework and its architecture, function, and components to build web applications.
  • We offer the best JavaScript Course in Chennai for students who want to start their career in Web Development.
  • Our trainer’s teaching skill is excellent, and they are very polite when clearing doubts.
  • We conduct mock tests that will be useful for your JavaScript Interview Preparation.
  • Even after completing your JavaScript Training in Chennai, you will get career support from us.  
  • We know the IT market, and our JavaScript course content aligns with the latest trend.
  • We provide classroom training with all essential preventative precautions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will arrange a back up session for you if you miss any one of the classes. But we request you to be regular for the classes as we have limited training sessions for a course.

Yes, you need to have a laptop to attend our classroom training sessions. We will provide you the software details that are required for the course.

Yes. Our tech team will assist you on the software installation process that is required for the course program and we will guide or offer technical support if in case you face any issues during the course period.

Yes. We have a proper process in place to share with you the materials and codes that we will be used in this course program.

Yes, you can walk in walk in any time to our office for practise sessions. Our support team is always available to support you.

You can call us or walk in to our office to provide you more details on it.

Yes. we Provide certificate after completion of the course that will add more value to your profile for anyone who plans to attend job interviews.

Yes. we offer good discounts for professionals or students who join as batches. Please call us for more details on the current offers that is going on.

Yes, we offer corporate training at the best price ensuring that there is no compromise in the quality. Call us for if you need support there.

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