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Playwright Automation Training

Playwright Automation

Playwright Automation Training 

Do you want to know how automation testing will develop soon? Shortly, Playwright is anticipated to rank among the most widely used web automation tools. Because we know IT industry trends, BITA Academy offers Playwright automation training from qualified experts. The training will begin with the fundamentals. Beginning with Playwright’s fundamentals, the course will also cover data-driven testing, authentication scenarios, Python, Pytest framework, Playwright Selectors, and other topics.

What is Playwright Automation?

Microsoft created and maintains Playwright, a relatively new open-source cross-browser testing automation framework. It enables WebKit, Firefox, and Chrome testing using a single API. Test locally or through CI, headless or headed, on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Use TypeScript, JavaScript, Python,.NET, and Java with the Playwright API.

Advantages of Playwright Automation

  • Self-waiting APIs. Interactions by playwrights automatically wait for ready elements. This makes reliability better and makes test authoring easier.
  • Timeout-free automation. Playwright receives browser signals such as network requests, page navigations, and page load events to avoid the need for sleep timeouts that lead to sluggishness.
  • Efficient parallelism using browser contexts. Use browser contexts to reuse a single instance of a browser across various parallel, isolated execution environments.
  • Selectors for resilient elements. The Playwright can choose elements using user-facing strings like text content and accessibility labels. These strings are more resilient than selectors closely coupled to the DOM structure.
  • A playwright is an out-of-process automation driver that can automate scenarios containing multiple pages and is not constrained by the scope of in-page JavaScript execution.
  • Strong network control. To stub and mock network requests, the Playwright introduces context-wide network interception.

Syllabus of Playwright Automation Training

Part 1: Environment Setup

  • Install Python
  • Install PyCharm IDE
  • Create Project in PyCharm
  • Setup and Configuration. (Robot framework, Browser library)

Part 2: Python program

  • Working with code comments
  • Strings, Integers and Floats
  • Simple Math operations
  • Variables
  • Variables naming conventions
  • Working with Variables
  • F-strings
  • User Input
  • Data type conversion
  • Booleans and Comparisons
  • Conditional Statements
  • Elif statements
  • Boolean logic
  • Lists
  • Tuples
  • Dictionaries
  • For loops
  • While loops
  • Functions
  • Functions with arguments
  • Return from function
  • Function annotations
  • Intro to classes
  • Class examples
  • Modules
  • Packages
  • Standard Python Library

Part 3: Playwright Basics

  • Why Playwright? 
  • Introduction to Playwright section
  • Install git
  • Create a new repo and clone to PyCharm
  • Install Playwright and beta-browsers
  • Record and play a first test with Playwright
  • Test structure(AAA or Given/When/Then)
  • Tests are too fast? – Use slow_mo! 
  • Editing default timeout

Part 4: Playwright Selectors

  • Playwright inspector in Browser Dev Tools
  • Playwright selectors guide
  • Text selectors
  • CSS selectors
  • :nth-match and :has-text
  • Layout selectors
  • XPath selectors
  • Chaining selectors >>
  • Playwright selectors summary

Part 5: Waits

  • Wait for selector and page loads
  • Build a custom wait

Part 6: Page Object Model and Project structure

  • Page Object Model
  • Project structure
  • POM helper methods

Part 7: Pytest Framework 

  • Intro and install pytest
  • Pytest naming conventions
  • Run first pytest test with Playwright 
  • Run pytest from PyCharm gutter
  • Run several tests
  • Markers – skip
  • Markers – xfail
  • Custom markers
  • Useful pytest CLI commands
  • Pytest CLI commands documentation

Part 8: Reporting and Parallel Execution via CLI 

  • Install and run report
  • Parallel run with pytest
  • Combine pytest, reporting and parallel commands

Part 9: Pytest Playwright fixtures and CLI commands

  • Intro to fixtures 
  • Conftest.py file
  • Create a set_up fixture
  • Page fixture
  • Headed, browsers, slowmo and device emulation CLI commands
  • Capturing screenshots and video recordings
  • base-url CLI command 
  • Optimize set_up fixtures
  • Fixture scopes
  • Page fixture vs. browser fixture
  • Add tear_down step

Part 10: Data Driven Testing

  • Marker – parametrize
  • Data for negative testing
  • Stack parametrize for easier maintenance and better test data coverage

Part 11: CI/CD integration

  • Set up GitHub Actions
  • Edit yml file and run tests in CI/CD pipeline
  • YML file reference link
  • Use login password via GitHub Secrets
  • Toggle password between local and remote runs
  • Store passwords in .env file

Part 12: Authentication scenarios

  • Reuse authenticated state with browser context
  • Reuse authenticated state with storage file
  • Importance of page.wait_for_load_state
  • Testing a chat application with multiple users 
  • Browser Authentication

Playwright Certification Training

A professional credential called Playwright Certification verifies a candidate’s competence in conducting automation tests. This certification can help newcomers and software professionals who want to optimize their testing skills. Enrolling in the Playwright Automation Training BITA Academy in Chennai will prepare those searching for employment as automation testers for various excellent positions. The interviewer will be able to understand your profile better and give you access to fulfilling career opportunities with the help of this certificate and your resume.

  • Playwright Certification Training

Job Opportunities in Playwright 

Software testing tools have advanced significantly due to the high demand. Offering practical options and features increases accessibility for testing. A playwright is expected soon to become one of the most popular web automation tools. The wide-ranging feature set of the Playwright automation tool has helped it become more well-known. The demand for playwright testers is rising across various industries, creating a promising job outlook. The average annual salary for a Playwright Automation Test Engineer in India is 6 – 10 Lakhs. 

The following are some of the job positions for Playwrights

  • Playwright Test Engineer
  • Quality Assurance Automation
  • Playwright Tester
  • QA Automation

Why should you select us?

  • Once you complete the Playwright Automation Training, you will know how to do Software tests using Playwright with Python.
  • We are the best Playwright Automation Training institute in Chennai for students who want to start their career in Software testing.
  • Our trainer’s teaching skill is excellent, and they are very polite when clearing doubts.
  • We conduct mock tests that will be useful for your Playwright Automation Interview Preparation.
  • Even after completing your Playwright Automation Course in Chennai, you will get career support from us.  
  • We know the IT market, and our Playwright Automation Course content aligns with the latest trend.
  • We provide classroom training with all essential preventative precautions.
  • We provide Playwright Automation Online training on live meetings with recordings.

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