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Load Runner

LoadRunner Training in Chennai

BITA Academy is the best LoadRunner training institute in chennai that is used to test apps and measure performance under load. Call us if you need to attend a demo session for our LoadRunner Course in Chennai.

Best LoadRunner Training Institute in Chennai

HPE LoadRunner is a performance testing tool, which can simulate thousands of users in parallel mode and analyse the performance. You will gain hands on training in load testing and help you to create powerful test scenario. You should learn the LoadRunner course in chennai that will help you to plan and perform load test for an enterprise app. We will give you an overview of performance testing and help you to set up the software. You will learn QA process and performance testing using automation tools from our industry experts. If you want to know more about scenarios, join our LoadRunner Training in Chennai and enrich your career. This will be helpful for professionals who has passion to work in software testing field. We will cover the SDLC topics in detail and this helps you to write efficient test case.

Why do you need to learn LoadRunner Training in Chennai?

It is one of the best performance tool, which is used by many enterprises. You should gain deep knowledge to create scripts and develop different methods to perform load testing. Our LoadRunner Training Institute in Chennai will give you confidence to perform load testing for web apps and ensure that there is no impact in the app performance. LoadRunner Training will help you know more about VuGen with real time examples and different steps to record VuGen Script. A Performance tester should know to handle real time challenges in VuGen Script and we provide you more details in our LoadRunner Course in chennai.

LoadRunner Course Syllabus

PART 1: An Overview of Performance Testing

  • Why do we need performance Testing?
  • Different Types of Performance Testing
  • Important Terms of Performance Testing
  • What do you know about Performance Testing Lifecycle?

PART 2: How to Set up LoadRunner?

  • Deep Dive on Architecture
  • How to install LoadRunner Components?
  • Hardware and Software Setup

PART 3: Deep Dive on VuGen

  • Overview
  • How VuGen works?
  • Workflow
  • Important Features

PART 4: Web Recording

  • Deep Dive on VuGen User Interface
  • How to use the Protocol Advisor?
  • Do you know the steps involved to create a script?
  • Difference between HTML and URL recording level
  • How to save script?
  • How to create Business Process Reports?

PART 5: How to Replay Script?

  • How to identify Web runtime?
  • How to configure web runtime?
  • Do you know to verify script?
  • Do you know the tools available in VuGen?

PART 6: How to Insert Transactions?

  • Why is transaction important in a script?
  • How to insert transactions during recording?
  • How to insert transactions after recording?

PART 7: Parameterize and Verify Script

  • What do you know about Parameterization?
  • How to solve payback problems?
  • When do we need to verify?
  • How to identify visual cues during load testing?
  • How to add text checkpoints before and after recording?

PART 8: Actions and Editor

  • How to create actions for a web script?
  • How to configure Actions?
  • Do you know to achieve load testing goals using actions?
  • How to use Editor?
  • Do you know to send output messages to replay log?
  • How to identify basic C Program?
  • How to apply basic debugging methods?

PART 9: Auto and Manual Correlation

  • What is the difference?
  • How to work with correlation studio?
  • How to find dynamic values?
  • Do you know to insert functions?
  • How to parameterize the dynamic value?
  • How to correlate a script in auto and manual mode?
  • Do you know to import and export correlation rules?

PART 10: Controller and Analysis – An Overview

  • Why do we need load testing?
  • Different types of performance testing goals
  • What is Scenario in LoadRunner?

PART 11: How to plan an effective load test?

  • Do you know to define measurable goals for testing?
  • How to gather info for testing?
  • How to gather and arrange system info?

PART 12: How to create Scenario?

  • What do you know about elements of LoadRunner Scenario?
  • Different Types of Scenario
  • How to choose a scenario?
  • Basic steps to create it

PART 13: How to use runtime settings?

  • Difference between Script and Scenario runtime settings
  • How to configure runtime settings in controller?
  • How to prepare a Scenario run?
  • Do you know to identify methods?

PART 14: How to schedule scenarios?

  • Do you know to schedule by scenario?
  • Do you know to schedule by group?
  • How to configure scenario start time?
  • Difference between real world and basic schedule
  • Deep Dive on Action grid
  • More about Scenario interactive graph

PART 15: Performance Monitor

  • What do you know about performance monitor?
  • How to select performance monitor?
  • How to add measures for performance based goals?

PART 16: How to monitor server and identify bottlenecks?

  • Do you know to configure and monitor servers?
  • Deep Dive on IIS and Weblogic
  • More about SQL Server
  • Oracle
  • OS Resources
  • UNIX and Windows

PART 17: Analysis

  • How to display data using graph?
  • What do you know about client and server side graph?
  • Deep Dive on Merging
  • How to correlate the graph?

PART 18: Reporting

  • How to prepare HTML reports?
  • Deep Dive on Performance Test Report
  • How to compare graph with baseline graph?
  • How to write feedback after performance test?

BITA Academy – Best Performance Testing Training Center in Chennai

  • Once you complete our LoadRunner Training course in chennai, you will gain enough confidence to work in real time projects.
  • We offer Best LoadRunner Training for students who wants to learn it in interactive mode. This is one of the reason, we have been rated as the Best LoadRunner Training Institute in Chennai.
  • Our trainer teaching skill is excellent and they are very polite when it comes to clearing doubts.
  • We conduct mock test that will be useful for your Interview Preparation. 
  • You will get lifetime support from us even after you complete the LoadRunner course in Chennai.
  • We have a knowledge of the IT market and our LoadRunner training course content is in line with latest trend.
  • And anyone who looks for a career in testing field shall contact us anytime.

LoadRunner Exams and Certification

We Provide certificate for all students after completion of LoadRunner course. Your resume will have an extra value add if you have an LoadRunner course completion certificate from us or from any of the reputed LoadRunner training institute in chennai.

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