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Protractor Training in Chennai

Learn Protractor Training in Chennai from BITA Academy which is the best place to learn this automated Testing framework. Contact us if you need a free demo session for our Protractor Course in Chennai.

What will you learn from Protractor Training in Chennai?

Protractor is an automated testing framework, which is used to test AngularJS app in the browser. You will learn the basics of protractor and the efficient ways of using it in the dev workflow. Protractor is useful to test apps, which has many features, and the time it takes to interact with browser is low. You can use it with Selenium to provide the best testing environment for developers. And it used the selenium grid well to track multiple browsers in parallel. You will learn more about locators once you complete our Protractor Training in Chennai.

Best Software Training Institute for Protractor Course in Chennai

Protractor Course is useful for testers who has passion to be part of testing automation. Our trainer is professional and has more than ten years of experience in the field. This is useful for testers who works in Selenium Automation and our industry experts will offer Protractor training with ease. They work in multinational companies and they provide training on each concepts with real time examples.  We teach you with real time projects and all our training sessions will be recorded. You shall contact us anytime if you want to register for our Protractor Course in Chennai. We offer 100% Placement assistance and guide well for your interviews. You can write protractor tests using Java and I recommend you to take this course if you want to be part of testing community.

Syllabus for Protractor Course

PART 1: An Overview of Protractor

  • What is Protractor Training all about?
  • Basic Elements of AngularJS

PART 2: Basics of Java Script

  • How to define Variables?
  • Variables and Concatenation 
  • Different Types of Operators – Arithmetic, Incremental and Decremental operators
  • Deep Dive on Equality Operators
  • Comparison and Logical operator
  • Deep Dive on Available Datatypes
  • How to use If and Else
  • Switch statements 
  • Functions 
  • How to use For Loop?
  • While and Do While loop
  • What do you know about Break, Continue and Labels?
  • Arrays
  • Deep Dive on Var, Let and Const
  • What do you know Objects?
  • How to access members in another JS file?

PART 3: Basics of Protractor

  • What do you know about Conf.js file?
  • Deep Dive on Describe
  • What do you know about It blocks?
  • How to write test cases?
  • How to handle Dropdown list?
  • Do you know to add validations using Jasmine Expect?
  • How to handle Dropdown list-code?
  • How to install WebStorm?
  • Do you know integrate Protractor runner?
  • Autosuggestions

PART 4: Promises

  • Do you know how Protractor handle promises?
  • Apply Promises Concept real time
  • What do you know Await and Async?

PART 5: Basics of Jasmine

  • An Overview of Jasmine
  • Deep Dive on BeforeEach and AfterEach
  • What do you know about Expect toBe and not toBe?
  • Deep Dive on Expect toEqual, toMatch and not toEqual
  • How to create test suites?
  • Do you know to run selective and test cases?
  • How to create test suites and run selective/all test cases-code?

PART 6: Locators

  • What do you know about AngularJS Locators?
  • Deep Dive on By Model, By Class Name and By Button Text
  • How to use By Binding and By ID?
  • How to use By Repeater and By addLocators?
  • Do you know to use Select Wrapper class?

PART 7: Microsoft Edge Driver

  • Do you know to Configure and Run a test on Edge browser?
  • How to Handle Non-Angular elements?
  • Do you know to automate a Login window?
  • How to Handle Alerts, iframes and popups?
  • How to Handle Tabs and pop-ups?
  • Do you know to Handle Iframes?
  • How to Handle Alerts?

PART 8: Utilities

  • How to Generate Logs – Winston NPM?
  • How to Generate Allure Reports, Protractor-beautiful-reporter and HTML reporter2?
  • Do you know to Install Maven?
  • Generate HTML Reports
  • How to Send Emails?
  • Usage of Package.json file

PART 9: Data Driven Testing

  • How to Read data and locators through JSON files?
  • Parameterization using Jasmine Data Providers
  • How to Read Excel Files?

PART 10: E2E Testing of AngularJS App

PART 11: Automate AngularJS App

  • An Overview of Page Object Model – Framework 
  • Deep Dive on Page Object Model
  • How to Create Architecture?
  • How to add business pages?
  • Do you know to add More Business Page and Test Cases?
  • How to add the Page Object Model design pattern?
  • How to add common Json file for Locators and TestData?

PART 12: Deep Dive on Android – Test Execution on a real device

  • How to execute Protractor test on an Android device?
  • How to configure Android Test?
  • What do you know about Jenkins – CI?
  • An Overview of Jenkins
  • How to configure Jenkins?
  • What do you know about Conf.js file?

PART 13: Protractor Docker and Integrate Selenium

  • Do you know to Integrate with Selenium grid and Docker to run parallel test?
  • How to install Docker?
  • How to install Selenium Grid containers?
  • Deep Dive on Docker Compose with Parallel test execution
  • Resources for download from Docker section

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