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DevOps Training in Chennai


DevOps Training in Chennai

Looking for DevOps Training in Chennai Velachery?. BITA Academy is the best DevOps Training Institute in Chennai with Placement and you will learn DevOps from PMP certified Professionals. You will learn how DevOps matters and know more about the practices that help you get started with DevOps Today. Our DevOps Certification Training Course in Chennai is a masterpiece and you can check out our google reviews for more details.

Big Picture of Best DevOps Training in Chennai

DevOps describes a culture and a set of process that brings dev and operations team together. This will help the IT teams to build, test and release software faster in a more reliable manner. You will learn more about it when you complete best DevOps Course in Chennai Velachery. In this DevOps Training, you will learn the specific practices and process used by enterprises to solve business problems with software. And you will learn what changes you need to make to adopt DevOps culture and exactly how to do it. You will learn DevOps with real time practical oriented projects and that would help you to know why DevOps really matters. DevOps increases team bonding and you will learn more about it in DevOps Certification Training in Chennai at BITA Academy.

Making a Change Culture from DevOps Certification Training in Chennai

Many DevOps Changes do fail because they do not meet the guideline or they do not deliver the value that we expected. It is a new automation tool and without changing the culture, it is hard to apply the process in an enterprise. Every industry and company that is not bringing software to the core of their business will be disturbed. As companies become more software oriented, they end up building their own software or using open source software. There are different rules in the market, but there is a challenge with becoming a software driven company if you do not have the DevOps culture now. 

Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency are the key focus areas for an enterprise and they can yield higher values in these key areas if they have the right DevOps process in place. Do not miss to attend DevOps Training in Chennai with Placement if you want to learn the complete process. And we request you complete this Certification Course from Best DevOps Training Institute in Chennai at BITA Academy.

What should you know as a DevOps Engineer?

DevOps is created to build a culture of strong collaboration between software dev and IT teams. It units agile, constant delivery and automation to help teams to be more efficient. This in turn will help teams to innovate faster and deliver higher value to business. DevOps is a culture and these transformations do not happen overnight. If we want to say DevOps Culture in one word, it is Collaboration. Think of DevOps much like agile, but with the operations included is well said in DevOps Training in Chennai. Forming project or product oriented teams to replace function-based teams is a step in the right direction. Dev Team should invite respective members of the Operations team to join sprint planning sessions, daily stand ups and sprint demos. 

Join the certification training to learn DevOps in detail that would help you clear tough DevOps Interviews. Most successful companies are on board with DevOps culture across every department and at all levels. We have branches in velachery, omr, Porur, Anna Nagar, Tambaram and T nagar for our students who wants to learn DevOps Training near me.

Best DevOps Tools that you will learn from DevOps Online Training

The following DevOps Tools are available and companies have to choose the right one as per their business needs. Each tool has its own features and you will see about it in our DevOps Certification Training in Chennai.


The best thing about Gradle is incremental builds, as they save a nice amount of compile time. Gradle is an incredible tool, which allows you to write your code in Java, C++, Python or other languages. Gradle allows faster shipping and comes with a lot of configuration possibilities.


Git is a free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. It is easy to learn and has a tiny footprint with lightning fast performance. You would require GitHub and Bitbucket to integrate with Git for your DevOps workflow. You will learn this concept from our industry experts if you join our DevOps Training in Chennai.


 Jenkins is the best DevOps Automation tool for many software dev team. An open source CI/CD server that allows you to automate the different stages of your delivery pipeline. With Jenkins, you can iterate and deploy new code as quickly as possible. We will spend more time on this topic in our DevOps Courses in Chennai.


Bamboo is an Atlassian’s CI/CD server solution that has many similar features to Jenkins. It has many pre-built functionalities that you have to set up manually in Jenkins which we will explain in our DevOps Training in Chennai. Bamboo seamlessly integrates with other Atlassian products such as Jira and Bitbucket.


It is an open source system for automating deployment, scaling and management of apps. A Kubernetes cluster consists of one master and several worker nodes. The master node implements your predefined rules and deploys the container to worker nodes which will be covered in our DevOps jobs in Chennai. 


It is a configuration tool, which is used to configure your infrastructure and automate deployment. Agentless Architecture is another important feature of Ansible and it is a lightweight solution for configuration management automation. Ansible uses simple YAML Syntax and you can define tasks in YAML.


It has been the number one container platform since its launch in 2013 and continues to move further. It isolates app in to separate containers that becomes portable and more secure. If you are planning for a cloud migration, Docker would be helpful. We have our office set up in Ramapuram and Madipakkam, which would be helpful for students looking for DevOps Training Classes near me.

Benefits of DevOps

Automation is the key to realize the benefits of DevOps Certification Course and DevOps ensures that skilled platform is in place to facilitate constant delivery. DevOps Courses in chennai will teach you to use DevOps in different scenarios to improve productivity and save operations cost. DevOps enables enterprise to reduce the implementation time of new services from months to minutes. You will learn to standardize process for easy replication and faster delivery. DevOps helps increase new services through constant improvement and operational freedom and you will get a clear picture when you learn for our hands on DevOps Training with real time projects. Providing innovative and cost effective approach used to deliver business value is another important feature of DevOps and that’s the key for DevOps Engineer.

Syllabus of DevOps Course in Chennai

Part 1: Overview of DevOps 

  • Why DevOps? 
  • What is DevOps? 
  • DevOps Market Trends 
  • DevOps Engineer Skills
  • What do you know about DevOps Delivery Pipeline?
  • DevOps Ecosystem 

 PART 2: Version Control with Git 

  • What is version control? 
  • What is Git? 
  • Why is Git required for your enterprise? 
  • Install Git Common commands in Git 
  • How to Work with Remote Repositories?

PART 3: Git, Jenkins and Maven Integration 

  • Branching and Merging in Git 
  • Git workflows 
  • Git cheat sheet 
  • What is CI? 
  • Why CI is required?
  • Deep Dive on Jenkins (With Architecture) 
  • Deep Dive on Maven  

PART 4: Constant Integration using Jenkins 

  • Jenkins Management 
  • How to add a slave node to Jenkins?
  • How to Build Delivery Pipeline?
  • Pipeline as a Code

PART 5: Continuous Testing with Selenium 

  • What is Selenium?
  • Why do we need Selenium?
  • Selenium – Webdriver
  • How to Create Test Cases in Selenium WebDriver (Waits)
  • What is X-Path?
  • Why do we need X-Path?
  • How to handle different controls on Webpage
  • Framework in Selenium
  • How to integrate Selenium with Jenkins

PART 6: Continuous Deployment: Containerization with Docker 

  • What do you know about Shipping Transportation Challenges?
  • An Overview of Docker
  • What do you know about images and containers?
  • How to Run Hello World in Docker?
  • Deep Dive on Container
  • Container Life Cycle
  • Share and Copy
  • Base Image
  • Docker File
  • How to Work with containers?
  • How to Publish Image on Docker Hub?

 PART 7: Containerization with Docker: Ecosystem and Networking

  • Deep Dive on Docker Ecosystem 
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Swarm
  • How to Manage Containers?
  • How to Run Containers?
  • Deep Dive on Docker Networking
  • Network Types
  • Docker Container Networking 

PART 8: Continuous Deployment: Configuration Management with Puppet

  • Deep Dive on Puppet 
  • How to install Puppet? 
  • How to configure Puppet?
  • Puppet Master and Agent Setup
  • Puppet Module
  • Node Classification
  • Puppet Environment
  • Puppet Classes
  • Automation and Reporting

PART 9: Configuration Management with Ansible

  • Deep Dive on Ansible
  • How to install Ansible?
  • How to Configure Ansible Roles?
  • Write Playbooks
  • How to execute adhoc command?

 PART 10: Containerization using Kubernetes 

  • Revisiting Kubernetes
  • Deep Dive on Cluster Architecture
  • How to Spin up a Kubernetes Cluster on Ubuntu VMs?
  • How to Explore your Cluster?
  • Deep Dive on YAML
  • How to Create a Deployment in Kubernetes using YAML?
  • How to Create a Service in Kubernetes?
  • Do you know to install Kubernetes Dashboard?
  • How to Deploy an App using Dashboard?
  • How to use Rolling Updates in Kubernetes?
  • Overview of Containers and Container Orchestration
  • Deep Dive on Kubernetes 

PART 11: Continuous Monitoring with Nagios

  • Deep Dive on Continuous Monitoring
  • Deep Dive on Nagios
  • How to Install Nagios?
  • Nagios Plugins (NRPE) and Objects
  • Overview of Nagios Commands and Notification 

PART 12: An Overview of DevOps on Cloud

  • Why is Cloud required?
  • Deep Dive on Cloud Computing
  • Why do we need DevOps on Cloud?
  • Deep Dive on AWS Various AWS services
  • DevOps using AWS

DevOps Certification Course Exams and Certification

BITA Academy Certification is recognised by all major IT companies around the globe. We Provide certificate for all students after completion of DevOps courses in Chennai with Placement. Your resume will have an extra value add if you have a DevOps course certificate from us or from any of the reputed DevOps training institute in Chennai.

Click here for DevOps Interview Questions and Answers.

Final Say on DevOps Classroom Training

DevOps is an IT management process that helps to improve and speed up the delivery of software and services to users. While Developers have adopted frameworks such as Agile to deploy codes in Sprints, IT operations team is finding it difficult to complete the release cycle. DevOps play an important role here to bridge this gap and complete the deliverables on time. Agile and DevOps are similar concepts. Agile refers to an iterative approach, which focuses on collaboration, customer feedback and small rapid releases which you will know once you complete DevOps Certification Training Course in Chennai. DevOps is considered a practice of bringing dev and operation teams together. Agile helps to manage complex projects. DevOps focus on constant testing and delivery.

Job Opportunities for DevOps

You have the following DevOps Jobs that you can apply.

  • DevOps Automation Engineer
  • Integration Specialist
  • System Architect
  • Security Engineer
  • App Developers
  • System Administrator

You have to be a skilled communicator if want to shine as DevOps Engineer. Average Salary for a DevOps Engineer is $99K and in India , DevOps Engineer Salary is around 11L per annum. Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any queries on DevOps Certification Training in Chennai. We will help you for your interviews and exams. So don’t worry about it.


You have a great job opening for DevOps and we request you to complete this course from good training institute. Trainer is important and he should be a professional to teach this course. It will be difficult if you learn it from a professional who has minimum years of experience. Each concept has to be explained with real time examples. Only then you will be able to clear the interviews and get a good offer. You can identify the trainer who has worked real time on the first day of class itself. IT professionals who completes this course should apply this skill in their projects. So there are lots of job offers that you can apply once you finish this course. You have to be a skilled communicator if you are really looking for a good salary package in this field.

Happy Learning !!!

So Do not miss to finish this course if you have passion to learn DevOps.This is not for professional who looks for a career in web dev field. Call us if you need a free demo. we will arrange a free session for you with our trainer. We schedule classes as per your convenience. If you are interested to take this DevOps Certification course online, we are here to help you. All the training sessions will be recorded and you can watch it anytime when required. You can reach us anytime if you have any queries. Our trainer is friendly and professional to sort out your queries anytime.

And we offer good discounts if you join this course in a group. If you are facing trouble to create your resume, don’t worry about it. Our Placement team will get in touch with you at the right time and offer assistance. What are you waiting for?. Join the DevOps Certification Course and get a good offer in next 3 months. Learning is always fun. Don’t wait for your chance. Create it.

Call 9566004616 if you need any help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will arrange a back up session for you if you miss any one of the classes. But we request you to be regular for the classes as we have limited training sessions for a course.

Yes, you need to have a laptop to attend our classroom training sessions. We will provide you the software details that are required for the course.

Yes. Our tech team will assist you on the software installation process that is required for the course program and we will guide or offer technical support if in case you face any issues during the course period.

Yes. We have a proper process in place to share with you the materials and codes that we will be used in this course program.

Yes, you can walk in walk in any time to our office for practise sessions. Our support team is always available to support you.

You can call us or walk in to our office to provide you more details on it.

Yes. we Provide certificate after completion of the course that will add more value to your profile for anyone who plans to attend job interviews.

Yes. we offer good discounts for professionals or students who join as batches. Please call us for more details on the current offers that is going on.

Yes, we offer corporate training at the best price ensuring that there is no compromise in the quality. Call us for if you need support there.

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