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IoT Training in Chennai

Want to learn IoT Training in Chennai in real time?. BITA Academy teach you with real IoT Kits so that you will understand how Internet of Things work from Best IoT Training Institute in Chennai. Call 9566004616 for Best IoT Certification Course in Chennai. So register today for free IoT demo Class with our Industry experts for Best IoT Classes in Chennai.

IoT Training – An Overview

  • Internet of Things (IoT) is an expansion of Internet connectivity in to an electronic device.
  • Moreover, it creates a chance for direct integration between physical world, and computer based systems.
  • It is the network of physical objects or things embedded with electronics, software and sensors that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.
  • And it is the trending technology that converts any electronic device in to smarter one.You will understand more about it in IoT Training.
  • Many Industries has started using this technology to increase their productivity and improve efficiency.
  • In addition, it is clear that IoT Technology will transform as multi-billion dollar industry in near future.
  • IoT Technology is used by many industries for various applications as it offers real time analytics and cloud data storage.
  • IoT Statistics says that more than 20 billion devices use Internet of Things Technology by 2020.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) is used in industries that prefers automation, energy efficient systems and smart devices.
  • Join IoT Training in Chennai at BITA Academy and complete the IoT Certification now.

Why is IoT Training important?

  • There are many IoT Training institutes in Chennai but you have to choose the right one based on their experience in the field.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) is our next industrial revolution, which is going to create a huge change in the economy.
  • Rapid changes in the technology makes it a big task for IoT experts to anticipate the future for better planning.
  • It connects all things we use in day-to-day life over Internet and can be accessed across the world over internet.
  • We designed this Internet of Things course for beginners and professionals who wanted to start or empower their skills.
  • This course has IoT project which focus on all key concepts. Classroom training is more interactive and it has real time demos.
  • As a result, you can increase your visibility, increase your efficiency, and draw real connections between different components.
  • Contact us immediately. If you are in search for IoT Training in Chennai, BITA Academy is the best place to get trained and grab the IoT Certification that has huge job opportunities.

So who should enroll for IoT Training?

  • Students should have little knowledge on embedded systems.
  • Basic Programming language skill is required .Only then you will understand the Internet of Things Class.
  • C is one programming language that is important to operate IoT devices.
  • Students who has interest to work on live projects in IoT Training.
  • So what you are waiting for?.Call us and register now for Best IoT Classes in Chennai.

IoT Course Syllabus


  • What is IoT?.
  • Latest updates in the IoT industry
  • IoT Market in different domains

Electronics Basics:

  • AC and DC Current
  • Basic Components
  • Sensors
  • Brief Overview on Tools
  • Circuits

IoT Training – Hands on Session in our Chennai Centre:

IoT Basics:

  • Overview of Arduino
  • What is Raspberry Pi?.
  • Other IoT Training Modules
  • Networking Basics:
  • What is Network?.
  • LAN and WLAN
  • Client and Server Concept
  • Private and Public Network
  • Static IP and Dynamic IP Address
  • Dynamic DNS Concept

IoT Communication:

  • Wireless and Bluetooth
  • IoT protocols

IoT on Cloud:

  • What is Amazon Web Servers?.
  • AWS IoT Implementations

IoT Architecture:

  • IoT Architecture Flow
  • Basic Lab setup in IoT Training

IoT Security:

  • Case Study
  • Hack Internet of Things
  • Secure IoT devices

Hands on Session:

  • Automation and watch Home with IoT
  • AWS IoT Setup
  • IoT Model Application and Demo

Real Time Projects for IoT Training in Chennai


Benefits that you will achieve from our Best IoT Certification Course

  • You will learn the IoT Training Course with our real time kits, which has Raspberry Pi, SD Card etc.
  • Raspberry Pi is a low cost credit card sized computer that connects to a computer monitor or TV using HDMI Cable.
  • It can run a host of operating systems such as Raspbian, Android IoT Core etc.
  • We teach our students on the approach that is important to use raspberry Pi as desktop.
  • Our IoT Training Program is a practical oriented real time course from industry experts.
  • Most of our IoT classes in chennai has practical sessions and our IoT Trainers will teach you real time with Raspberry Pi and Sensors.
  • On completion of our Best IoT Certification Course in Chennai, you will learn to implement IoT technology and conditions to be followed to control your air conditioner, Television etc.
  • So You will understand the difference between Raspberry Pi models in IoT.
  • In addition, you will learn to use Raspberry Pi in IoT Technology.
  • So feel free to reach us if you want to learn Internet of things from Best IoT Training Institute in Chennai.

How do I complete IoT Certification?

Students has to learn IoT in Chennai as you can see many institutes that offers Best IoT Certification Course in Chennai. There are no special certifications in IoT Training, but some skills within IoT might have certifications. Some of such IoT certifications you can see down below:

  • IoT Advanced Internet of Things Specialization
  • Networking and security certification
  • Certified Internet of Things Specialist (CIoTS)

Therefore, you have to enroll for IoT Course in Best IoT Training Centers in Chennai and Complete the IoT Certification from BITA Academy .We are here to help you.

Top Reasons for BITA Academy to be rated as one of the best IoT Training Institute in Chennai

  • BITA Academy has industry experts who offer best IoT Training in Chennai.
  • Our Instructors are full time employees working as Architects, Technical Leads or Managers for Fortune 500 companies
  • Our Trainers are passionate about teaching and conduct these sessions for our students.
  • Their experience and knowledge helps them bring real world projects and scenarios
  • Instructors ensure that IoT classes in Chennai is lively and interactive for our students.
  • We conduct Mock interviews, group discussions and IoT interview questions for our students.
  • We discuss about the real time project domains.
  • You will understand Raspberry Pi gadget and its functions.
  • So The teaching methods / tools / topics we chose will rely on the current competitive job market.
  • We assure that our IoT training makes you perform like an IoT expert in the real time environment.
  • IoT Training Courses Syllabus that we have is unique and more hands on.

So Why do we need to learn Internet of Things Course?

  • We have seen a huge growth in communication technology and there is significant progress in the way people communicate with each other using technologies.
  • IoT is the key technology and enterprises expects a huge transformation in their business model in near future.
  • Internet traffic has grown in a significant manner since the 60’s. It has reached a Zettabyte in 2016 more than we expected.
  • Our mobile devices are more powerful than the supercomputers 20 years ago. 
  • Mobile Data Traffic grows too much than we expected, gets doubled every year. So register for IoT Course from Best IoT Training Institute in Chennai
  • And now with the cloud, we connect the physical world and the internet, using micro sensors and network. We are intelligent and thus we make everything around us intelligent.
  • As By 2020, 50 billion things will connect to the network. And this is a start, here’s to the next 20 years, here is to the network, here is to the humanity.
  • So Internet of Things presents a wonderful career opportunity and we are here to flourish your career with our impeccable trainers and super training quality.
  • Finally, you have to learn this technology from the best team and that is why we are here.
  • We provide Best IoT Course in Chennai.

Facts about Internet of Things (IoT)

  • Kevin Ashton is known as the father of IoT who completed his bachelor degree in University of College, London.
  • IoT is a major technology and It can produce variety of Internet applications.
  • And IoT has better scope for data scientist.
  • IoT is a user-friendly programming language and creators can use this technology well for innovation.
  • You have good offers in IoT Technology. So if you have plans to join our IoT Classes in Chennai, please contact us.
  • So Anyone who achieves Internet of Things Training Certification has good job openings in IoT field.
  • Internet of Things (IOT) enables the client to control their home devices using internet.

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Why do you need to learn Internet of things?

IoT Training course is developed to introduce the concepts of different standards, functionalities, and technologies. All these concepts make you an expert in using IoT and grasp complete knowledge on its applications as well as connectivity methodologies.

Placement Assistance

We give 100% placement assistance to you for your best career. We conduct mock interviews during the course period. In the Mock Interviews, We will figure out your Technical competence and the areas you need to Improve. This will increase your technical skill and interview confident level.

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