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Introduction to Appium & Mobile automation Testing

Introduction to Testing

Introduction to Automation Testing

Types of Automation Tools

Functionality Testing Tools

Performance Testing Tools

Test Management Tools

Introduction to Mobile automation testing

Selenium 3.0 and APIs

Automation for IOS and Android devices

Running the scripts on Emulators

Running the scripts on Real devices

Various tools available for Mobile automation testing

Understanding the API Levels and Appium Concepts

Client/Server Architecture, Session, Desired Capabilities, Appium Server and Appium Clients


Part 1
1. Appium introduction including tools comparison matrix
2. Appium Architecture
3. Installation and configuration – Android SDK & Appium
4. ADB commands
5. Emulator configuration
6. Overview of Native, Hybrid and Mobile web

Part 2 (Google Android)
1. How to find Application package and Activity
2. Native App UI elements inspection using Appium inspector and uiautomatorviewer
2. UI Locators
3. Desired capabilities for Android
4. Appium server configuration overview
5. Android driver, iOS driver, RemoteWebDriver overview
6. Native App scripting – send sms and create a contact
7. Reset capabilities using live native app – fast reset, no reset, full reset

Part 3 (Google Android)
1. Touch Actions overview
2. Multi-touch overview
3. zoom and pinch
4. swipe
5. press, long press and tap
6. switch context – Hybrid to Native and Native to Hybrid

Part 4 (Google Android)
1. Hybrid App & Mobile web UI elements inspection using Chrome inspector
2. Mobile web scripting with live websites in Google chrome
3. Parallel execution using TestNG

Part 5 (Apple iOS)
1. Installation and configuration – iOS setup in Mac
2. XCRUN/iOS deploy commands
3. Overview of Apple developer account including provisioning profile
4. Identification of UDID using iTunes and XCODE
5. How to build .APP file using uicatalog open source iOS App

Part 6 (Apple iOS)
1. Appium inspector and Maccaca inspector for iOS UI elements
2. Chrome inspector for Hybrid App and Mobile Web
3. Desired capabilities for iOS
4. Native Scripting using uicatalog iOS App including Touch Actions
5. Mobile web scripting using live website in safari
6. Cloud implementation overview

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