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Why J2EE ?

Standard Edition (J2SE) as a basis, Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) builds on top of this to provide the types of services that are necessary to build distributed, large scale, component based, multi-tier applications.  J2EE is also a standard to build and deploy enterprise applications, held together by the specifications of the APIs that it defines and the services that J2EE provides.

Another important feature is that since J2EE is comprised of many APIs that can be used to build enterprise applications and its main technologies are Java Servlets, EJB, JSP, JDBC and JMS  is used for locating EJBs and other enterprise resources.

And the other important fact is that Java field is one among the highest paid jobs in the IT sector. So, without any further delay, it is better to get jobs in Java by taking up Java Course in Chennai.

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Furthermore,Spring is a powerful lightweight application development framework used for Java Enterprise Edition.

It is lightweight with respect to size and transparency.

Loose coupling is achieved using Inversion of Control and objects give their own dependencies instead of creating or looking for dependent objects.

By separating application business logic from system services, Spring Framework supports Aspect Oriented Program and hence enables cohesive development.

Another important thing is that it provides a generic abstraction layer and It is not tied to J2EE environments and it can be used in container less environments.

Finally JDBC abstraction layer of the Spring Framework offers an exception hierarchy, which simplifies the error handling strategy.

Following are the few major advantages of Spring Framework. 

It enables the developers to develop the enterprise applications using POJOs (Plain Old Java Object).

And moreover, it provides a consistent transaction management interface that can scale down to a local transaction and scale up to global transactions (using JTA).

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Future Scope for Java Programmers

We have already established that Java is a great programming language, but what makes it greater is the developer who runs this powerful language. The success of Java depends on the success of the Java developer and trust me on that the future as a Java developer is very bright. Hence the Java developers have bright future in the below streams:

– the IT sector is totally based on the Java and the booming IT sector all over the world offers numerous high paid jobs in the JavaScript every year. So, as a java developer you have a great scope in the IT sector.

– the mobile application market is also always in search of the competent Java developers to construct dynamic applicants for the smartphone.

– the Java has very wide range, the middleware (Hadoop) also falls under the wide range of the Java. So, Java is like salt which can be found anywhere and can function on any platform.

– for the freelance web developers, Java is very helpful as plenty of freelance work is available for the Java developers consequently.

Spring Training in Chennai Course Syllabus

Dependency Injection and Spring Bean Factory
Application Context and Property Initialization
Constructor Injection
Inject objects and Inner Beans
Collection and bean Auto wire
Understand Bean Scopes
Application Context Aware and Bean Definition Inheritance
Life cycle Callbacks
Bean Post Processor,Bean Factory Post Processor
Coding to interfaces
Introduction on Annotations
Auto wired and JSR 250 Annotations
Event handling in spring

Overview of AOP
Point cuts and wildcard expression
Joint Points and Advice Arguments
Advice types and AOP XML Configs

Spring Data Support
General view on Spring Data
JDBC Template
Implementation of Row Mapper
Named Parameter JDBC template
Hibernate with Spring 

Spring Boot
What is spring boot?
Rest Controller
Access path variables and request body content to get data as well as send JSON responses from the REST API
Spring Boot Command Line Interface , Spring Initializer
Spring Data JPA
CRUD operation with JPA repository
Deployment Spring boot actuator (Spring boot package and running)

Spring MVC
What is Spring MVC various annotations.
Data binding.
Form validations in spring mvc (Custom form validation and Spring Message source)
Exception Handling

Spring Security (Authentication and Authorization)
Orm model
Map Hibernate annotation
Lazy load in hibernate annotation

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