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MongoDB Training in Chennai


MongoDB Training in Chennai

Are you looking for a NoSQL Database? Then, MongoDB is the right pick for you. MongoDB Training in Chennai at the best full-stack development institution. Mongo is easy to learn and is in high demand in the job market for web developers familiar with Mongo. Due to changing trends, the NoSQL database has been added to the required skill list. MongoDB Course Designed for both experienced and non-experienced students and our Mentors makes you a comprehensive expert. This module will teach you how to create databases, tables, and indexes and work with the data stored in the tables. You will also acquire the skills needed to design a database schema.

What is MongoDB?

MongoDB is a cross-platform database that offers high performance, high availability and easy scalability. MongoDB Inc. MongoDB’s documentation model developed by MongoDB is easy for developers to learn and use. Still, it provides all the functionality you need to meet the most complex requirements of all sizes. It is also known as a NoSQL database program; MongoDB uses JSON-like documentation with an optional schema. 

Advantages of MongoDB

  • MongoDB is an entirely cloud-based application data platform. MongoDB’s cloud offering gives you access to a collection of services. These services integrate well with the Database—ready-to-use multi-cloud deployment with all major cloud providers.
  • MongoDB’s document model makes it easy to model and edit virtually any data structure. MongoDB’s JSON-inspired BSON data format allows collections to include objects with different fields.
  • MongoDB helps in growing express schemas and validating facts. This flexibility is an outstanding asset while dealing with real-global points and adjustments in necessities or environment.
  • MongoDB’s decision to store and display data in document format means that any language can access the data in a language-specific data structure.
  • You can also use the MongoDB query API to dig deeper into the document and run complex analysis pipelines with a few lines of declarative code.
  • MongoDB is designed from scratch as a distributed database. Build clusters with real-time replication and split extensive or high-throughput collections into multiple groups to maintain and scale performance.
  • Another essential feature is that it is a document database that contains various documents in a collection. The number of fields, content, and document size vary from record to record. It also uses internal storage to store the working set, which speeds up access to your data.

What will you learn in MongoDB?

It is the best DB solution and will teach you the core knowledge for building apps around Mongo. Learn the basics of Mongo, including collections, validations, and common ways to work with datasets. MongoDB Training in Chennai helps you learn about the Mongoose Js library, which plays a vital role in interface with Mongo. Learn the advanced features of Mongoose to save development time. Learn how to integrate MongoDB with tools such as Jaspersoft, and learn about backup and restore options. MongoDB’s data model is a very elastic model that can store a combination of data of multiple data types. The MongoDB course gives you in-depth insights into indexes. You will be expertise in efficiently indexing your array of fields once you complete the course. Learn the concepts of transactions and locks with MongoDB.

Syllabus of MongoDB Training in Chennai

PART 1: An Overview of NoSQL and MongoDB

  • Types of NoSQL Database
  • Compare NoSQL and SQL
  • Deep Dive on Acid and Base Property
  • An Overview of CAP theorem
  • Benefits of NoSQL DB
  • Do you know the basic commands on Mongo shell?
  • An Overview of MongoDB
  • How to set up a MongoDB environment?
  • How to start and stop the MongoDB process?

PART 2: How to install MongoDB?

  • How to download MongoDB MSI Installer Package?
  • Do you know how to install MongoDB?
  • Deep Dive on Basic MongoDB Operations and Commands
  • How to install Mongochef (MongoGUI)?
  • How to set up shortcuts for Mongo?

PART 3: Deep Dive on MongoDB Architecture

  • What do you know about documents, collection and databases?
  • Compare JSON and BSON
  • What do you know about storage engines?
  • Read Path
  • What do you know about Journaling?
  • An Overview of write path and working set
  • Deep Dive on Capped Collection
  • An Overview of Oplog Collection
  • What do you know about TTL Index?
  • How to use GridFS?

PART 4: CRUD Operations

  • Different Data types in MongoDB
  • How to insert, update and delete the documents?
  • How to query the documents?
  • Do you know how to perform Bulk Insert Operation?
  • Do you know how to update multiple documents?
  • How to limit and filter documents?
  • Deep Dive on Query Optimization

PART 5: Data Management and Administration

  • Database Status
  • How to troubleshoot issues?
  • How to perform current operations?
  • Do you know how to rotate log files?
  • How to manage users and roles?
  • How to copy and clone a database?
  • Deep Dive on DB and collection Stats
  • Deep Dive on performance tuning
  • What do you know about Database sharding and profiling?
  • Explain Plan?
  • Deep Dive on Profiling
  • How to change configuration files?
  • How to upgrade the database?

PART 6: Data Indexing and Aggregation

  • How to create an index?
  • Types of Indexes
  • Types of data aggregation
  • How to manage Indexes?
  • Deep Dive on Index Strategies
  • Do you know the use of the MapReduce framework?
  • Deep Dive on Performance Tuning
  • What do you know about Index Properties?

PART 7: Schema Design and Data Modeling

  • Do you know the rule of thumb for Schema Design?
  • Deep Dive on different schema design patterns
  • Deep Dive on App Data Patterns
  • What do you know about Data Modeling Concepts?
  • What’s the challenge for Data Modeling in MongoDB?
  • Deep Dive on Tree Structure Models
  • What do you know about the use cases for data modeling?

PART 8: Replication

  • Deep Dive on replication concept
  • How to control ReplicaSet member roles?
  • What do you know about Voting and Electing Primary?
  • What’s the role of Oplog in replication?
  • How to read and write concern?
  • What do you know about Arbiter, Hidden and delayed replica node?
  • How to perform priority settings?
  • How to perform a health check for Replica Set nodes?
  • Do you know how to resync the nodes?
  • How to perform rollbacks during failover?
  • Deep Dive on Keyfile Authentication

PART 9: MongoDB Security and Backup

  • How to take backups?
  • What do you know about Mongoexport and Mongoimport?
  • Deep dive on Mongodump and Mongorestore
  • Deep dive on various security concepts and approaches
  • What do you know about oplog backups?
  • An Overview of database security risk
  • Deep dive on LVM Backups
  • How to perform backups using MMS and Ops Manager?
  • Purpose of Security
  • Deep Dive on Authentication and Authorization
  • How to perform role based access control?
  • Do you know how to integrate MongoDB with Java?
  • How to integrate MongoDB with Pentaho?

PART 10: Availability and Scalability

  • Deep Dive on Scalability and Sharding Concept
  • What do you know about shard key and chunks?
  • How to choose the Shard Key?
  • Deep Dive on Sharding Components
  • Types of Sharding

PART 11: MongoDB Tools

  • Benefits of various MongoDB tools
  • Deep Dive on MongoDB Kubernetes Operator
  • What do you know about MongoDB Compass and BI Connector?
  • Deep Dive on MongoDB Open Service Broker

MongoDB Certification Training

Join the club as a MongoDB certified expert. Through these clubs, you can attend events and conferences and learn about the latest events in MongoDB. It can have an immeasurable impact on your career, and knowing multiple frameworks does not adversely affect big data carriers. MongoDB certification helps you improve your skills as a prominent data engineer and significantly improve your career in terms of salary.

  • MongoDB Developer Certification
  • MongoDB DBA Associate Certification
  • MongoDB DBA Associate Certification
  • MongoDB Database Administrator Certification

Our responsibility is to create the Database. BITA provides you with all the certification courses and MongoDB Training in Chennai.

Job Opportunities in MongoDB 

In Big Data, there is more opportunity for certified and trained MongoDB professionals, and applicants are more likely to be qualified and hired. If you plan to take a course at MongoDB, things are going well.MongoDB contributes to increasing demand for financial services, social media, retailers, healthcare and powerful candidates. If you have good knowledge and skills working with MongoDB, you can hire a large company or organization. The job titles are mainly developers and managers. These are permanent positions, and there are always opportunities for promotion. The average pay scale for MongoDB is Rs.18 LPA. Sign up for MongoDB Training in Chennai.

The following are some of the job positions in MongoDB:

  • MongoDB Architect
  • MongoDB Admin
  • MongoDB Developer
  • MongoDB Associate
  • Database Consultant
  • Data Engineer

Why should you select us?

  • You will learn to lead the MongoDB strategy once you complete the MongoDB Training in Chennai. 
  • We offer the Best MongoDB Training in Chennai Chennai for Professionals and students who want to start their careers.
  • Our trainer’s teaching skill is excellent, and they are very polite when it comes to clearing doubts.
  • We conduct mock tests that will be useful for your MongoDB Interview Preparation.
  • Even after completing your MongoDB Training in Chennai, you will get lifetime support from us.
  • We know the IT market, and our MongoDB content is in line with the latest trend.
  • We provide classroom training with all essential preventative precautions.
  • We provide MongoDB Online training on live meetings with recordings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will arrange a back up session for you if you miss any one of the classes. But we request you to be regular for the classes as we have limited training sessions for a course.

Yes, you need to have a laptop to attend our classroom training sessions. We will provide you the software details that are required for the course.

Yes. Our tech team will assist you on the software installation process that is required for the course program and we will guide or offer technical support if in case you face any issues during the course period.

Yes. We have a proper process in place to share with you the materials and codes that we will be used in this course program.

Yes, you can walk in walk in any time to our office for practise sessions. Our support team is always available to support you.

You can call us or walk in to our office to provide you more details on it.

Yes. we Provide certificate after completion of the course that will add more value to your profile for anyone who plans to attend job interviews.

Yes. we offer good discounts for professionals or students who join as batches. Please call us for more details on the current offers that is going on.

Yes, we offer corporate training at the best price ensuring that there is no compromise in the quality. Call us for if you need support there.

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