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What is React Js?

ReactJS is a component based library (not a framework!!)which is used to develop interactive UI’s. It is the most popular front-end JavaScript library.  So, if you are dealing with the applications where data keeps on changing in real time, you should go for React.

Benefits of using  React Js:-

Single Page Application.

Entire page remains same but only few components change.

Code is easy to scale and maintain.

More functionalities as HTML is created from JS

Isomorphic Rendering(Server side rendering)

Blazing speed

So Who can learn React Js Course?

If you have skills in HTML, CSS and are comfortable working with JavaScript in the context of a web browser you very well could have all the skills you need to take your web applications to the next level and start building web applications with React.

Software developers

IT professional

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React Js Training Course Content

ES6 Primer:


Const, Let


Arrow functions

Spread operators


Modules and exports



What is babel

Why should we transpile es6 to es5

How to write webpack config file

npm and nodejs

Install nodejs

Initiate a project using npm

What is package.json

How to install modules using npm

Yarn vs npm

React Overview


What are SPA apps

What is React

How react works internally

What are the alternatives

What problem does it solve

When to use React

Component based architecture



Write your first jsx code

How to compile jsx to Javascript

Write class based components with jsx

Renderig jsx to DOM using react DOM

Dom manupulation


Select elements using ref

Other ways to select elements

Props vs States


What are Props

What are states

Proptypes validation

Life cycle Methods in React


How componentWillMount works

How componentDidMount works

How componentWillReceiveProps works

How shouldComponentUpdate works

How componentWillUpdate works

How componentDidUpdate works

How componentWillUnmount works

Understanding When to use which life cycle method

Forms & validations


How to get input from users using Forms

Form validations

Style React Components


Using css in react

Inline styles

Impoting external styles

Event Handling in React


How events work in react world

What are synthetic events

Mouse events

Keyboard events

 Manage External Data with firebase


Access data from external source

Fetch and axios

Store and retrive data using Firebase

Create Firebase account

CRUD operations with firebase

 Redux and State management


What is state management

Flux architecture

Redux Introduction

How to manage state in large applications with redux



Navigating between components

React Router

Creating and managing routes

Integrating redux with react router

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