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iOS Training

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Our iOS Training Syllabus covers Objective-C and Swift programming. We are the best iOS/ iPhone Application Development Training Institute in Chennai. We provides Real-time and Practical Training exclusively on Mobile apps with 100% JOB Guaranteed Course. We can guarantee that our IOS Training Syllabus makes you as a iOS Certified Professional. Learn iOS world’s most advanced mobile operating system from our world class Trainers. With our iOS Training in Chennai you will learn concepts in expert level with practical scenarios.

Introduction to Development MAC OS, IDE – XCODE, Interface Builder
 Mac versions –Features
 iOS versions -Features
 Introduction to XCode tool and Compilers
Introduction to Objective-C
 Creating Objective C classes and Methods
 Creating Properties and methods
 OOPS in Objective C
 Inheritance, Polymorphism, Dynamic Typing, Dynamic Binding
 Arrays, set, Dictionaries
 Categories and protocols
 Application Lifecycle
 Xib, Storyboard and Interface builder
 Creating and building simple applications
 UIState Preservation
 View application sandbox and Crash Logs of Application

Cocoa Design patterns
 What is MVC?
 Model, View and Controller Classes
 Delegate and Data source
 Singleton Pattern
 Observer pattern
 Target-Action
 Cocoa coding standards

Memory Management
 Introduction (alloc init, retain Release )
 Auto release pool

Objective -C ARC
 Migrating your application to ARC
 Basic Interaction with UIControls
 Button, label, Text fields
 switch, slider ,progress bar
 Alerts ∧ Action sheet
 Table views
 Scroll view, Web view, maps
 Search Bar, popovers
 Picker, Date picker, Image view, Image picker controller
 Gestures, Mouse events
 Mail, Message, Phone call

Orientation and iPhone sensors
 The iPhone Accelerometer
 Detecting shakes
 Determining orientation
 Responding to the accelerometer

Working With Table View
 UI Table View Controller
 Working with multiple Table Views
 UI Table View Cell
 Table View practices
 Custom Cell creation.

Multi View Applications
 view to view (Present model view controller)
 Navigation controller
 Tab bar controller
 Pageview controller
 Split view controller

Core Graphics and Quartz Core
 UI Kit and view life Cycle
 Draw lines and transforms.
 Alphe, Opaque, hidden
 Create PDF files  Merge Images
 Splash View and Basic animation
 Adding Views with animation

Maps SDK
 Introduction to Map Kit Framework
 Showing a simple Map
 Update User Location
 Background location updates of user.

REST and SOAP services, XML and JSON Parsing
 Asynchronous and synchronous request
 Soap service
 Rest service
 Xml and JSON Parsing
 Key Value coding and Nested JSON objects
 Error handling
 Lazy loading

Multi Tasking in iOS
 NS Thread and management of multiple threads
 Synchronous and Asynchronous
 Introduction to NS Timers
 GCD in iOS
 NS Operation and NS Operation Queue

Data Base Persistence
 User Defaults
 Plist
 sqlite
 Core Data

Media interaction
 AV Audio player
 Media Player
 MP Movie player

 Local notifications
 App level Notifications
 Push Notifications

Social Network Integration
 Face Book
 Twitter
 Google +

Testing and Deployment
 Debugging application in device.
 iOS5, iOS6, iOS7 features and differences
 App store Submission

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