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RPA Course Syllabus


Basics Introduction

What is RPA

Do You Need RPA Certification

What is RPA1:24

RPA Benefits2:47

UIPath Basics


Managing Activities

UiPath Studio

User Interface


Flow Charts – (Hands on experience in Lab session)



Text Variables

Boolean Variables

Number Variables

Array Variables

Date and Time Variables

Generic Variables6

Using Arguments


Desktop Recorder2

Chrome Extension2

Ui Elements



Text Recognition Activities

Structured Data

Unstructured Data

ForEach Loop

While Loop

If Activity

Switch Activity

Break Activity

Excel and Datatables

Excel Activities

Application Scope

Read Range3

Close Workbook

Read & Write Range

Read Row2

Append Range

Build Datatable

Add Column2

Select Datatables4

Filter Datatable

Email Automation

Outlook Creation

Outlook Configuration

Read Emails

RPA Life Cycle

Operating Modals

Hands on Project (Hands on experience in Lab session)

PDD Validation

Process Definition Document – ACM1 Look

Object Mapping

Uipath ReFramework

Stock Queue Loader

Read and Save Emails

Read and Save Emails Demo

Orchestrator Robot Provisioning

Create Queue

Add Queue Item

Initialize Applications

Close Applications

Kill Processes

Exception Handling

Get Queue Item

Get Transaction Item

Get Transaction Code Modification

Process Transaction Demo

Update Transaction Demo

Scrape SEC3

Scrape ACM1 website and manipulate the data

End 2 End Demo

Interview Sessions

Free Demo Classes