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Security Testing Training

Security Testing Training in Chennai

Security Testing Training  In Chennai At BITA Academy– No 1 Security Testing Training Institute in Chennai. Call 956600-4616 For More Details.

Security Testing Course Syllabus

Part 1

Importance of security in web application

Setting up a web application platforms

Burpsuite basics

Part 2

Understanding the HTTP protocol

HTTP headers & methods

Understanding HTTP response codes

Attacking HTTP basic & digest authentication

Conducting a brute force attack

Part 3

Analyzing the attack surface

Information gathering

Hidden URLs finding

Understanding application flow

Part 4

Bypassing client side controls

SQL Injection

Cross-site scripting (xss) – Reflected, Stored and DOM based

HTML injection

Broken authentication and session management

Cross-site request forgery (csrf)

Insuffient transport layer protection

Unvalidated redirects and forwards

Cross origin resource sharing

Local file inclusion vulnerability

Insecure direct object references

HTTP response splitting

Part 5

Attacking session management

HTTP response header injection

Improper exception handling

Server side validation

Chaining XSS with other attacks

Targetting reset password and feedback functionality

Business logic flaws

Part 6

Thread modeling

Open source- web scanning using tools

False positive removal techniques

Reporting vulnerabilities

Automating customized attacks with proxy tool

Analyze test results

Vulnerability prioritizing

Application core defense mechanism

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