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This course is prologue to the universe of web application security testing. It is intended to walk analyzers through each progression of web application entrance testing furnishing them with the information and apparatuses they should start leading their very own security testing. The course will show the members how to have a similar outlook as a security engineer by making and executing a security test plan. Members will be presented to the regular web application vulnerabilities, testing methods and apparatuses by an expert security analyzer.

Course Syllabus

Part 1
Importance of security in web application
Setting up a web application platforms
Burpsuite basics

Part 2
Understanding the HTTP protocol
HTTP headers & methods
Understanding HTTP response codes
Attacking HTTP basic & digest authentication
Conducting a brute force attack

Part 3
Analyzing the attack surface
Information gathering
Hidden URLs finding
Understanding application flow

Part 4
Bypassing client side controls
SQL Injection
Cross-site scripting (xss) – Reflected, Stored and DOM based
HTML injection
Broken authentication and session management
Cross-site request forgery (csrf)
Insuffient transport layer protection
Unvalidated redirects and forwards
Cross origin resource sharing
Local file inclusion vulnerability
Insecure direct object references
HTTP response splitting

Part 5
Attacking session management
HTTP response header injection
Improper exception handling
Server side validation
Chaining XSS with other attacks
Targetting reset password and feedback functionality
Business logic flaws

Part 6
Thread modeling
Open source- web scanning using tools
False positive removal techniques
Reporting vulnerabilities
Automating customized attacks with proxy tool
Analyze test results
Vulnerability prioritizing
Application core defense mechanism

Course Benefits

  • After the fruition of the course, the members would have the option to:
  • Identify why programming security matters to their business
  • Quickly Identify the most dangerous zones of an application
  • Perform an abnormal state security appraisal on their application.
  • Integrate security experiments and instruments as a feature of their test suites
  • Report discoveries in an exhaustive way all together t o empower auspicious remediation

What will I realize?

  • You will be acquainted with a scope of guarded countermeasures to turn out to be progressively impervious to assault
  • You will figure out how to abuse these vulnerabilities to get to information and usefulness past your dispatch

Who ought to visit?

Anybody with duty regarding, or an enthusiasm for, the security of web applications, including:

  • System overseers
  • Software engineers
  • Budding entrance analyzers
  • Anyone subject to the prerequisites of the Payment Card Industry Data Security.

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