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Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai

Looking for Big Data Analytics Training In Chennai. BITA  Academy is the best Big Data Hadoop Training Institute in Chennai.

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About Big Data Analytics Course

Is there a way we can analyse complex set of data ?. Do we have any such possibilities?. Big Data Analytics is one stop solution for it.Its a long process of analyzing large and varied data sets or even big data to extract information such as hidden patterns,Data connectivity,market trends and customer preferences that will help anyone or companies to take decision based on the analysed trends. 

So if you want to be a good Big Data Analyst,you have to choose the right place for Big Data and Hadoop Training in Chennai.

Big Data Course in Chennai

Anyone who is interested for change in their IT role or switch in career might be under confusion.Is it the right technology for them to grab job opportunities ?.Will they be able to learn quickly and get well versed in that technology. We recommend you to take Big Data Training in well recognized Big Data Hadoop Training Center in Chennai.

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Big Data Certifications in Chennai

You can be a certified big data professional if you take Big Data Training in Chennai from the best Big Data Training Institute in Chennai.

  • Cloudera Certified Professional
  • MCSE : Data Management and Analytics
  • SAS Certified Data Scientist
  • Hortonworks Hadoop Certification
  • EMC Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certification
  • Data Science Council of America Certification
  • Oracle Business Intelligence

Big Data Analytics Course Syllabus   


  • CCA 175 Spark and Hadoop Developer – Curriculum


  • Introduction and Curriculum
  • How to Set up Environment in different way
    -Cloudera Quickstart VM
  • Using Windows
    -Putty and WinSCP
  • HDFS Quick Preview
  • YARN Quick Preview
  • Setup Data Sets


  • Hadoop Commands


  • Introduction and Setting up of Scala
  • How to Setup Scala on Windows
  • Understand Basic Programming Constructs
  • Know about Function
  • Object Oriented Concepts
  • Types of Collections – Sequence, Set and Map
  • Basic Map Reduce Operations
  • Setting up Data Sets for Basic I/O Operations
  • Basic I/O Operations and using Scala Collections APIs
  • Tuples
  • Understand Development Cycle
    -Develop Source code
    -Compile the source code to jar using SBT
    -Setup SBT on Windows
    -Compile changes and run jar with arguments
    -Setup IntelliJ with Scala
    -Develop Scala application using SBT in IntelliJ


  • Introduction and Objective
  • Accessing Sqoop Documentation
  • Preview of MySQL on labs
  • Sqoop connect string and validating using list commands
  • Run queries in MySQL using eval
  • Sqoop Import
    -Simple Import
    -Execution Life Cycle
    -Managing Directories
    -Using split by
    -auto reset to one mapper
    -Different file formats
    -Using compression
    -Using Boundary Query
    -columns and query
    -Delimiters and handling nulls
    -Incremental Loads
  • Sqoop Import – Hive
    -Create Hive Database
    -Simple Hive Import
    -Managing Hive tablesImport all tables
  • Role of Sqoop in typical data processing life cycle
  • Sqoop Export
    -Simple export with delimiters
    -Understanding export behavior
    -Column Mapping
    -Update and insert
    -Stage Tables


  • Introduction to Spark
  • How to Set up Spark on Windows
  • Quick overview about Spark documentation
  • Initialize Spark job using spark-shell
  • Create and preview data from Resilient Distributed Data Sets (RDD)
  • Reading different file formats – Brief overview using JSON
  • Transformations Overview
  • Manipulate Strings as part of transformations using Scala
  • Row level transformations using map and flatM
  • Filtering the data
  • Joining data sets – inner join and outer join
  • Aggregations
    -Getting Started
    -using actions (reduce and countByKey)
    -understanding combiner
    -least preferred API for aggregations
    -using reduceByKey
    -using aggregateByKey
  • Sorting data using sortByKey
  • Global Ranking – using sortByKey with take and takeOrdered
  • By Key Ranking – Converting (K, V) pairs into (K, Iterable[V]) using groupByKey
  • Utilize Get topNPrices and Get topNPricedProducts using Scala Collections API
  • How to Get topNproducts by category using groupByKey, flatMap and Scala function
  • Set Operations – union, intersect, distinct as well as minus
  • Save data in Text Input Format using Compression
  • Save data in standard file formats
  • Revision of Problem Statement and Design the solution
  • Steps for Solution – Get Daily Revenue per Product
    -Launching Spark Shell
    -Read and join orders and order_items
    -Compute daily revenue per product id
    -Read products data and create RDD
    -Sort and save to HDFS
    -Add spark dependencies to sbt
    -Develop as Scala based application
    -Run locally using spark-submit
    -Ship and run it on big data cluster


  • Different interfaces to run Hive queries
  • Create Hive tables and load data in text file format and ORC file format
  • Using spark-shell to run Hive queries or commands
  • Functions – Getting Started
  • How to Manipulate Strings and Dates in Functions
  • Using Aggregation and CASE in Functions
  • Row level transformations
  • Joins
  • Aggregations
  • Sorting
  • Analytics Functions – Ranking
  • Windowing Functions
  • Create Data Frame and Register as Temp table
  • Writing Spark SQL Applications – process and save data into Hive tables
  • Dataframe Operations

PART 8 : Data Ingest – Real time, near real time and streaming analytics

  • Introduction
  • Overview of Flume
  • Flume – Web Server Logs to HDFS
    -Setup Data
    -Source execution
    -Deep dive to memory channel
  • Flume – Web Server Logs to HDFS – Sink HDFS
    -Getting Started
    -Customize properties
  • Kafka – High Level Architecture
  • Flume and Kafka in Streaming analytics
  • Spark Streaming
    -Set up netcat
    -Develop Word Count program
    -Ship and run word count program on the cluster
    -Data Structure (DStream) and APIs overview
  • How to stream data pipelines through Project Demo
  • Flume and Kafka integration
    -Develop configuration file
    -Run and validate
  • Kafka and Spark Streaming
    -Add dependencies
    -Develop and build application
    -Run and Validate

PART 9 : Sample scenarios with solutions

  • Introduction to Sample Scenarios and Solutions
  • Problem Statements – General Guidelines
  • Initialising the job – General Guidelines
  • How to Get crime count per type per month
    -Understanding Data
    -Implement Core API and Data Frames logic
    -Validate Output
  • How to Get inactive customers
    -Using Core Spark API (left Outer Join)
    -Using Data Frames and SQL
  • Top 3 crimes in RESIDENCE
    -Using Core Spark API
    -Using Data Frames and SQL
  • Convert NYSE data from text file format to parquet file format
  • Get word count – with custom control arguments, num keys and file format

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Importance of Big Data Training in Chennai

With Big Data Analytics systems and softwares available in the market, we can do vital analysis on Big Data which has various business benefits like revenue projections,improving operational efficiency that will enable better customer experience.

Enroll yourself for Big Data Training in Chennai at BITA Academy which is the best Big Data Analytics Training in Chennai.

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