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Data Science with R

Data Science with R Training in Chennai

Learn Data Science with R Training in Chennai from industry experts that will help you gain the necessary skills to use R programming. Our Data Science with R Course in Chennai will help you know the principles of data science to transform your data into useful metrics.

Why is Data Science with R Training in Chennai important?

Data Science adds more value to the workplace and global economy. R is the most open source language used for Data Science. R language is created to Perform Data Analysis, Statistics and Graphical Models. And R language is playing a major role in Data Science and creates a lot of scope for data analysis. It has more than 5000 packages available in the library. R is the most powerful data visualization tool and the popular one is ggplot2. Industries transform raw data into data products and R is the primary choice for any professionals who performs statistics. R is famous for its graphical libraries that allows making interactive graphs. R Provides the option to connect your code with database management systems and hence we call it as a complete language. Call us if you want to attend our free demo session on our Data Science with R Training in Chennai.

Features of Data Science with R

Number of R users has been increased by 40% this year and there are more resources available to learn Data Science with R. Facebook uses R to update status and its social network graph. Ford Company depends on Hadoop and R for statistical analysis. Google uses R to calculate ROI on advertising drive to expect economic activity. Many Brands use R to design vehicles and monitor user experience. Join our Data Science with R Course in Chennai and make use of the job opportunities available for Data Analyst.

Why is BITA Academy the Best Software Training Institute?

  • We offer Best Data Science with R Training in Chennai with placement.
  • We provide Data Science with R Training either on weekdays or over weekends batch as per your convenience.
  • Our Data Science with R Trainers are industry experts and they interact with students in a friendly manner. They handle the queries from our students more politely and smart enough to clear their doubts.
  • And we provide assignments to students after completion of each topic. So this will help them to clarify their doubts.
  • Ranked as the Best Data Science with R Training Institute in Chennai Velachery.
  • Our real time projects that you will work on during Data Science with R Course Period will ensure that you become a perfect Data Scientist.

Syllabus of Data Science with R Course in Chennai

PART 1: Data Science – An Overview

  • What do you know about Data Science?
  • How is Machine Learning useful for Data Science?
  • Is Deep Learning important?
  • What is Data Analytics?
  • Types of Data Analytics

PART 2: An Overview of R Programming

  • A Brief note about R
  • How do we need to Install R?
  • How do we need to install R Studio?
  • Deep Dive on usage of R in the real world

PART 3: Deep Dive on R

  • What is Vectors?
  • How to create Vectors?
  • How to use [] brackets?
  • Vectorized Operations
  • Functions in R
  • Packages in R

PART 4: Matrices

  • What do you know about Matrices?
  • How to build your First Matrix?
  • How to Name Dimensions?
  • Colnames() and Rownames()
  • Matrix Operations
  • How to Visualize with Matplot()
  • Create your first function

PART 5: Data Frames

  • Import Data using R
  • Explore your Data Set
  • How to use the $ Sign?
  • Basic Operations with a Data Frame
  • Filter a Data Frame
  • An Overview of qplot
  • How to Build Data Frames?
  • How to Merge Data Frames?

PART 6: Visualization with GGPlot2

  • What is a Factor?
  • What do you know about Aesthetics?
  • How to Plot with Layers?
  • How to Override Aesthetics?
  • Compare Mapping and Setting
  • Histograms and Density Charts
  • Statistical Transformations
  • How to use Facet?
  • Coordinates
  • How to add themes?

PART 7: Family of Functions

  • How to import Data in R?
  • What is the Apply family?
  • How to use apply()?
  • Recreate the apply function with loops
  • How to combine lapply() with []?
  • Add your own functions
  • How to use sapply()?
  • Nesting apply() functions?

PART 8: Machine Learning using R

  • Deep Dive on Linear Regression
  • An Overview of Logistic Regression
  • K-Means
  • K-Means++
  • What do you know about Hierarchical Clustering?
  • What is CART?
  • Random Forest
  • Naïve Bayes

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