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Test Complete Training in Chennai

BITA Academy offers TestComplete Training in Chennai that will help you learn the automated testing platform. Call us if you need to attend a demo session from our Best TestComplete Training Course in Chennai.

Best TestComplete Training in Chennai

TestComplete is a useful automated testing stage created by SmartBear Software. It helps testers to create automated tests for windows, web, android and iOS apps. It is an automated testing tool that gives you chance to make, oversee and run test. This is useful for windows or web program, which makes it simple for anyone to create automation test. And this is how it is efficient for testers to run it quicker and add more test at lower cost. You will learn the real benefit of this skill once you complete this course from the Best TestComplete Training Center in Chennai.

TestComplete supports multiple languages for test automation, which is C++, Java , Python and VB. You will learn to create checkpoints, which you can verify in test result. 

Syllabus for TestComplete Course in Chennai

PART 1: An Overview of TestComplete

  • What is TestComplete about?
  • Why do we need it?
  • Key Benefits of TestComplete

PART 2: Deep Dive on Automated Testing and Test Complete

  • Automated Test
  • Test Types
  • What do you about TestComplete projects?
  • Project Items
  • More about TestComplete User Interface
  • What do you know about TestComplete Object Model?
  • Checkpoints
  • Stores

PART 3: How to Create a Test?

  • Do you know to create a Test Project?
  • How to define apps to perform testing?
  • How to complete the project creation?
  • Do you know to create a test?
  • How to analyse the Recorded Test?
  • Deep analysis on Test results
  • How to make use of TestComplete?

PART 4: Deep Dive on User Interface, Projects and Settings

  • What do you know about TestComplete User Interface?
  • More about TestComplete Panels
  • Menus
  • Toolbars
  • How to Customise TestComplete?
  • Do you know to oversee projects?
  • Project Suites
  • What do you know about Project Items?
  • List of available project items
  • Tests
  • Test Items
  • How to add and remove project items?
  • How to add and remove child elements?
  • Do you know to edit Project Items and their child elements?
  • How to organize items in to folders?
  • Delete Projects
  • Clone Projects
  • What do you know about Project and Project Suite Files?
  • What do you know about Project Editor?

PART 5: Options and Settings

  • What do we need to configure to use TestComplete?
  • How to make record and run tests?
  • What do you know about Test Outcomes?
  • How to Improve Tests?
  • How to integrate with QA Process?
  • Do you to know to expand Test Complete?

PART 6: Different Types of Testing

  • Deep Dive on Functional Testing
  • Unit Testing
  • What do you know about Data Driven Testing?
  • Deep Dive on Regression Testing and Distributed Testing
  • Parallel Testing
  • Coverage Testing
  • What do you know about Object Driven Testing?
  • Manual Testing
  • Load Testing
  • How to run tests on multiple OS?

BITA Academy – India‘s No: 1 Top Rated Software Training Institute in Chennai

  • Once you complete our TestComplete course in chennai, you will gain enough confidence to work in real time projects.
  • We offer Best TestComplete Training Classes in Chennai for students who wants to learn it in interactive mode.
  • Our trainer teaching skill is excellent and they are very polite when it comes to clearing doubts.
  • We conduct mock test that will be useful for your Interview Preparation. 
  • You will get lifetime support from us even after you complete the course.
  • We have a knowledge of the IT market and our course content is in line with latest trend.
  • And anyone who looks for a career in testing field shall contact us anytime.

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